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Mark Jacobs

Mark Jacobs
Customer Service Manager Mark developed a passion for foundation repair in his formative years. Growing up in the family business has shaped the way he looks at homes and his ability to solve problems - from the ground up! He loves to read and keep up with the new technology that is constantly developing in the foundation repair industry. Outside of work, he loves adventuring with his family, spending time by the water, and has a passion for cooking.

Recent Posts

Signs Your Home Was Affected by the Snow Storm

By Mark Jacobs on April 8, 2021

Although snowfall is quite rare in Houston, the cold weather can sometimes bring freezing temperatures, ice, and copious amounts of snow. What’s more, specific factors, such as cold air interacting with relatively warm, humid air, could cause a winter storm to occur unexpectedly, just as it happened in many locations across Texas a few weeks ago.

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How to Clean Up Sewer Water

By Mark Jacobs on March 18, 2021

Not only do sewer overflows lead to unpleasant odor problems, but they can also cause property damage and unhealthy living conditions. In addition, the clean-up and drying out process after a sewage spill can take several weeks in enclosed spaces, like your home or crawlspace. The failure to clean and dry out your crawlspace and living areas properly and as quickly as possible could lead to musty odors that may persist in your home long after you’ve finished cleaning. As well, mold could develop underneath your flooring, inside your walls, cabinets, and in any other enclosed spaces that have been exposed to sewer water. 

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Protecting Your Home during a Texas Drought

By Mark Jacobs on March 11, 2021

If you live in Texas, you already know that droughts can have a devastating effect on the environment. But what many Texans don’t know is that a prolonged drought can adversely impact our homes as well. In an effort to combat the adverse effects of droughts, water use restrictions are put into place by local governments throughout the year. These restrictions along with specific strategies, such as the inter-basin water transfers, are helping us to better address the cyclical pattern of droughts and floods, while meeting the water needs of the entire region. Despite these positive aspects, water conservation practices in conjunction with recurring drought conditions often lead to lower soil water content, which in turn can compromise the structural integrity of our homes.

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Save Your Houston Home – Elevate to Safe Levels

By Mark Jacobs on March 4, 2021

In addition to giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your loved ones are protected during flood events, home elevation allows you to continue living in your own home and in the same neighborhood, while saving you a lot of money that you would otherwise spend to repair your home every time it’s damaged by a flood.

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Winter Tips for Your Houston Home

By Mark Jacobs on February 4, 2021

While the internet abounds with blog posts, articles, and tutorials offering advice and tips on how to prep your Houston home for the winter, there is very little advice on what you can do in order to keep your home in tip-top condition during the winter months. Even if you have already prepared your home for the chilly weather, here are a few simple maintenance tasks that could help you prevent damage to your home during the last few weeks of winter.

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Are You Harming Your Foundation

By Mark Jacobs on January 21, 2021

The foundation is one of the most critical structural components whose overall condition can greatly affect the lifespan of a house. Although our home’s foundations are buried in the ground, weather changes characterized by heavy rains followed by droughts can take a toll on them, especially if they’re neglected. In addition to the fact that a foundation should be built with high-quality materials, inspecting and maintaining it on a regular basis is the only way to keep both your foundation and home in tip-top shape and extend their lifespan. To avoid any structural issues that could ruin your home and cost you a small fortune to fix, here are a few fatal foundation mistakes you should be aware of.

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Foundation Damage after Flooding – Home Lifting Solutions

By Mark Jacobs on January 14, 2021

With so many Houston homes facing a higher risk of flooding than expected, flood control strategies have become more important than ever before. While most properties require different measures to keep floodwaters at bay, home elevation is the surest way to minimize damage to your home and keep your family safe when a flood affects your area. If your home was damaged during a flood, choosing the right elevation solution for your property is extremely important in order to make the most of your investment.

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What You Don’t See Can Hurt You – Foundation Damage

By Mark Jacobs on January 7, 2021

Many homeowners never think about their homes’ foundations. However, most of them start to worry when they see any signs of potential foundation issues. Because the cost of foundation repairs can run into thousands of dollars—even more, if the problems affect different structural components of the home—knowing how to spot foundation issues before they turn into serious problems can help you prevent costly repairs. To help, our specialists have put together a list of common warning signs you could use to identify foundation damage early.

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Keep Your Home Safe in a Flood Zone

By Mark Jacobs on December 15, 2020

Regardless of where your home is located, assessing the risk of flooding in your area allows you to better protect your property from the dangers and damage of potential flood events. While numerous cities are currently at risk for flooding and water damage across the country, certain zones are more likely to be affected by flood than others. Commonly referred to as Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA), high-risk flood areas have at least a 1% annual chance of flooding. A good way to figure out if you live in a SFHA is to check the FEMA flood maps, which shows the flood risk for each community. 

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Top Reasons Why You Leave House Lifting to the Experts

By Mark Jacobs on December 4, 2020

In general, DIY home improvement projects allow us to save a lot of money and gain some experience fixing different things around our homes. However, a DIY approach isn’t the best option when it comes to home elevation. That’s because lifting a house involves a series of techniques and steps that only a certified and experienced contractor knows how to perform. In order to understand why you should never attempt to jack up your own home, let’s take a look at what’s involved in the elevation process.

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