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What You Don’t See Can Hurt You – Foundation Damage

By Mark Jacobs on January 7, 2021

Many homeowners never think about their homes’ foundations. However, most of them start to worry when they see any signs of potential foundation issues. Because the cost of foundation repairs can run into thousands of dollars—even more if the problems affect different structural components of the home—knowing how to spot foundation issues before they turn into serious problems can help you prevent costly repairs. To help, our specialists have put together a list of common warning signs you could use to identify foundation damage early.

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My Newly Built Home Has a Crack: Now What?

By Mark Jacobs on November 19, 2020

If you’ve just discovered one or more cracks in your newly built home, how worried should you be about them? Well, it depends. While many homeowners believe that cracks shouldn’t appear in new homes, the opposite is usually true.

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Preventing Issues: Choosing the Right New Home Builders

By Jon on October 4, 2019

Sometimes the only way to get the exact home that you want is to design it yourself! While this can be a wonderful and exciting time, it can also be stressful. There are many factors that determine how a home build is going to go, and whether or not, in the end, you will have your perfect dream home. One of these factors is the builder! With the right builder, new home construction can be a wonderful experience that ends in your dream home right in front of you. In order to prevent issues and limit the amount of headache that could come your way, we at Allied have put together this guide on choosing the right new home builder to fit your needs. 

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