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Dry Weather Can Cause Issues for Your Foundation

By Jon on June 10, 2021

Excess water isn’t the only factor that can cause foundation issues. Dry weather can also lead to a variety of problems for your home’s foundation. Although the foundation is typically a sturdy and long-lasting structural element, the type of soil on which a home is built along with the local weather patterns and maintenance provided by the homeowner are some of the variables that can significantly affect the overall condition of a foundation and home.

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How Do You Maintain Your Houston Home's Foundation?

By Mark Jacobs on March 13, 2020

When it comes to foundations, they are absolutely crucial, and unfortunately vulnerable! Every home needs a stable foundation. The foundation is what keeps a home level, sturdy, and able to withstand the elements. A key part of this is being able to maintain your home's foundation - and save yourself thousands of dollars in potential repair costs by keeping the foundation well-cared for year-round instead of waiting to do the repairs later! From doing at home inspections to managing the water level around your home, here are all of the tips and tricks to maintaining your home's foundation. 

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Watering Your Foundation - How to Prevent Costly Repairs

By Mark Jacobs on October 15, 2018

Do you know that if your foundation gets too dry it can damage it? It’s exceedingly important to know what to do when extreme weather conditions affect the soil around the foundation of your home. You will need to know what actions to take to counteract any damage.

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