Your Older Home Needs TLC

June 10, 2013

Your Older Home Needs TLC

As a house ages, it will eventually need repairs and maintenance. One of the most important parts of an old house in which you need to pay extra attention to is the foundation. If damage develops on this part of the home it can turn into a very expensive repair job.

Possible Causes:

As a house ages, so does the materials they are created from. These will get weaker with age, causing them to be more susceptible to damage. These damages can be caused by many different factors, all exacerbated by the age of the house. Routine maintenance to this part of the house is essential in order to save you from the aggravation of going through with the repairs of the foundation.

Another factor that might cause damage to an old home is water damage. If you have any leaks from your pipes or sewage lines, they might cause harm to your foundation. Sadly, water damage can sometimes be difficult to detect until it is already too late. As soon as you suspect any damage within your foundation your first step should be to have your pipes and sewage lines looked at by a professional. This will help the contractors you hire to repair your foundation find a way to fix your home.


The cost to repair foundation damage could be very expensive depending on the extent of the damage and the size of your home. In Houston, we see a variety of damage and the best way to determine the cost is calling a professional, and receiving a free estimate. The cost will include labor costs, and materials used in the repair.

Even though the cost to repair is very high it is a cost you cannot get away from. If you ignore structural damage in the foundation you are only asking for a potential disaster. The cost to rebuild a home will be significantly more than to repair an existing one.

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Mark Jacobs

Written by Mark Jacobs

Customer Service Manager Mark developed a passion for foundation repair in his formative years. Growing up in the family business has shaped the way he looks at homes and his ability to solve problems - from the ground up! He loves to read and keep up with the new technology that is constantly developing in the foundation repair industry. Outside of work, he loves adventuring with his family, spending time by the water, and has a passion for cooking.

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