Save Your Houston Home – Elevate to Safe Levels

By Mark Jacobs on March 4, 2021

In addition to giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your loved ones are protected during flood events, home elevation allows you to continue living in your own home and in the same neighborhood, while saving you a lot of money that you would otherwise spend to repair your home every time it’s damaged by a flood.

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Your Foundation Repair

By Jon on February 24, 2021

Compared to renting, owning a home brings along a series of considerable advantages, including a greater sense of stability, predictable housing expenses, tax breaks, and the freedom to make different energy-efficient upgrades and decorate your home the way you want. But along with all these benefits comes the responsibility to maintain your home on a regular basis. Although maintaining your home isn’t necessarily fun, different DIY projects could help you improve your skills and boost your confidence, while preventing costly repairs and preserving your home’s value.

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Before You Remodel Your Home – Check the Foundation

By Jon on February 16, 2021

Whether you decided to remodel your Houston home because it was damaged by flooding or because you want to upgrade it so that it better meets your needs and wants, it’s advisable to have a foundation inspection performed before you get started on your renovation plans.

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Foundation Repair from the Inside – What to Expect

By Jon on February 10, 2021

A sinking foundation is one of the worst types of damage that could happen to a home, especially when the floor and concrete slab are sloping toward the middle of the home. Depending on the foundation problems identified, a specialist may recommend specific repair methods. For instance, driven concrete piers or pile guard piers, or a combination of both, could be installed underneath the outer edge of the foundation to support a side of the foundation that has started to sink. Sometimes, however, a foundation requires additional support, especially if it’s sinking in the middle.

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Winter Tips for Your Houston Home

By Mark Jacobs on February 4, 2021

While the internet abounds with blog posts, articles, and tutorials offering advice and tips on how to prep your Houston home for the winter, there is very little advice on what you can do in order to keep your home in tip-top condition during the winter months. Even if you have already prepared your home for the chilly weather, here are a few simple maintenance tasks that could help you prevent damage to your home during the last few weeks of winter.

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Cracks in Stucco – Good or Bad

By Jon on January 27, 2021

Stucco cracks are usually caused by wrong mixing proportions, insufficient or excessive mixing, drying shrinkage due to the rapid evaporation of water from the stucco, seasonal changes, and seismic movement. But there are two more less-common causes of cracks in stucco: the normal settling of the home and differential settlement.

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Are You Harming Your Foundation

By Mark Jacobs on January 21, 2021

The foundation is one of the most critical structural components whose overall condition can greatly affect the lifespan of a house. Although our home’s foundations are buried in the ground, weather changes characterized by heavy rains followed by droughts can take a toll on them, especially if they’re neglected. In addition to the fact that a foundation should be built with high-quality materials, inspecting and maintaining it on a regular basis is the only way to keep both your foundation and home in tip-top shape and extend their lifespan. To avoid any structural issues that could ruin your home and cost you a small fortune to fix, here are a few fatal foundation mistakes you should be aware of.

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Foundation Damage after Flooding – Home Lifting Solutions

By Mark Jacobs on January 14, 2021

With so many Houston homes facing a higher risk of flooding than expected, flood control strategies have become more important than ever before. While most properties require different measures to keep floodwaters at bay, home elevation is the surest way to minimize damage to your home and keep your family safe when a flood affects your area. If your home was damaged during a flood, choosing the right elevation solution for your property is extremely important in order to make the most of your investment.

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What You Don’t See Can Hurt You – Foundation Damage

By Mark Jacobs on January 7, 2021

Many homeowners never think about their homes’ foundations. However, most of them start to worry when they see any signs of potential foundation issues. Because the cost of foundation repairs can run into thousands of dollars—even more, if the problems affect different structural components of the home—knowing how to spot foundation issues before they turn into serious problems can help you prevent costly repairs. To help, our specialists have put together a list of common warning signs you could use to identify foundation damage early.

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5 Reasons You Want to Raise Your Houston Home

By Jon on December 22, 2020

When it comes to lowering the cost of flood losses and rebuilding, flood insurance is one of the few tools that Houston homeowners can use in order to cover the losses caused by flooding. Unfortunately, even the most comprehensive flood insurance policy cannot prevent flood-related damage to your home and save you the trouble of repairing and cleaning your home after a flood

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