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Enclose Your Crawl Space before You Get Unwanted Guests

By Jon on October 20, 2021

A crawl space provides a cost-effective and convenient way to house heating and cooling units, ductwork, electrical wiring, and plumbing. Having all these located in your crawl space makes maintenance and repairs easier. Additionally, a crawl space improves air circulation underneath your house, which could help prevent water damage in your home.

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Signs Your Home Was Affected by the Storm

By Jon on October 13, 2021

Typically characterized by high wind speeds and torrential rains that could produce flooding, storms often exert enormous pressure on the exterior surfaces of the structures in their path. On the other hand, the doors, windows, and roofs are the most vulnerable components of a home. If they’re compromised during a storm, wind and water could enter the home and cause catastrophic damage.

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Bumps in the Night

By Mark Jacobs on October 6, 2021

Have you recently noticed any changes in your foundation? In that case, they could have been caused by the normal settling process or specific foundation problems. Because sometimes it’s easy to confuse normal settling, which is also called uniform settlement, with foundation failure, we wrote this blog post to explain the most important differences between the two. After all, being able to recognize the early signs of foundation failure is key to avoiding expensive home repairs.

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Protect Your Waterfront Home

By Mark Jacobs on September 30, 2021

Buying a home with stunning views of the Galveston Bay or a beautiful lake is a dream for many people who live in Houston or surrounding areas. Not only is living near the water a fun, relaxing, and uplifting experience; waterfront properties are also wise investments, as they tend to appreciate more than inland properties.

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Does Your Sugar Land Home Need a Root Barrier?

By Mark Jacobs on September 21, 2021

Besides improving our homes’ curb appeal and cooling our living spaces in the summer, trees and shrubs play a vital role in reducing pollution by purifying the air we breathe. Given these benefits, it’s no wonder that many homeowners who live in Sugar Land, TX, choose to plant different species of trees and shrubs around their properties.

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Healthy Soil Is Great for Your Yard and Home

By Jon on September 15, 2021

Protecting your foundation from different external factors that could lead to soil movement and differential settlement is key to preventing major structural damage throughout your home. If you wonder how you can prevent potential foundation damage, specialists indicate a few measures that could be easily implemented. For instance, watering your foundation during a prolonged drought, keeping your gutters and downspouts clean, ensuring you have an efficient drainage system that prevents water from pooling around your home, installing root barriers, and inspecting the perimeter of your home on a regular basis so you can catch foundation issues early are just a few things you can do to avoid foundation problems.

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3 Reasons Your Texas City Home Needs to Be Lifted

By Mark Jacobs on September 9, 2021

Elevating your Texas City home can help you avoid becoming one of the millions of Americans whose houses face the threat of destructive floods every year. Although raising a structure above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) isn’t easy or cheap, lifting your home is one of the few things you can do in order to protect it from rising water, particularly if you live in a flood-prone area.

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Signs Your Katy Home Needs a Foundation Inspection

By Mark Jacobs on August 25, 2021

Just like many other cities in Texas, Katy is characterized by soil with high clay content. Because this type of soil has a relatively high swell-shrink capacity, it could spell trouble for your Katy home’s foundation. This is particularly true if you’ve failed to take the necessary preventive measures, which are effective at eliminating or at least reducing the risk of foundation damage caused by expansive clay soils.

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Common Mistakes with Foundation Repair

By Jon on August 19, 2021

A solid foundation is critically important if you want to have a home that will last forever. But even though foundations are built to resist soil movement, keep out moisture, and insulate against freezing temperatures, it’s essential to inspect your entire home and foundation on a regular basis in order to catch potential problems as early as possible.

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Foundation Sign – My Wood Floor Feels Soft

By Mark Jacobs on August 9, 2021

Engineered wood and solid hardwood floors are two gorgeous flooring options that can add a touch of sophistication to any Houston home. On the downside, the appearance, performance, and durability of these floors can be affected by a series of problems. Typically, a floor that feels soft when you step on it is the first sign that indicates there is an issue with it.

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