Sewer Line Replacement

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Sewer Line Replacement in Houston TX

Many older homes in the Houston area were built with cast iron pipes that will corrode, leak, and break over time. This will cause many problems for the homeowner.  Not only could you experience a foul smell and problems with your home’s drainage, but eventually your foundation could sustain some degree of damage as well. 

How Do I Know if I Have Problems with My Sewer Pipes?

An odor may be the first thing you notice, but hopefully we get to the pipes before it gets to this level of damage. Thousands of homes in the Houston area that are over 45 years old have cast iron sewer lines running under their foundations. Over the years these pipes corrode, deteriorate, crack, and begin to leak, causing water to flow freely under the slab. This leakage softens the dirt and erodes the soil under the central areas of the structure. While this occurs under the home, the house begins to sink towards the interior, causing structural damage.

Signs of Sewer Damage

  • Visible deterioration of cast iron sewer lines
  • Drain line backing up
  • Foundation appears to sink in the interior
  • Grass being wet when sprinklers or rain is absent
  • Sewer pipes leaking
  • Foul Smell
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The solution to fixing foundation leakage is not easy, but the experts at Allied Foundation don’t mind the messy work that comes with this dirty job. Allied Foundation offers a free video inspection that sends a small self-leveling camera through your drain lines. This gives our technician a “real-time image” to identify leaks, cracks, or damage. This non-invasive inspection gives us the ability to accurately diagnose the condition of the pipes and calculate the scope of sewer line replacement.

In other words, we can determine exactly where your problem is, so we can fix it in the minimum time possible and at the least cost to you.

At Allied Foundation, we specialize in total sewer line replacement in the homes located in Houston and surrounding areas. We tunnel under the existing foundation to access and disconnect all damaged and deteriorated cast-iron pipes. Then our experienced staff proceeds to replace the cast iron pipes with brand new PVC pipes. The new PVC piping is anchored to the slab and angled to allow for positive flow to the main drain. This process is completed in two to three days.

To speak with a sewer line repair specialist about your sewer line repair, contact us today.

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Thousands of homes in Houston suffer from corroded sewage lines, and Allied Foundation is here to help. Most older homes were built with cast iron piping, which corrodes, leaks, and breaks with time. If your toilets are backing up, your sinks aren't draining properly, or your house is sinking or sagging in the middle, there's a good chance that the piping under your home is broken, or leaking. Allied Foundation will send out a team to inspect your sewage lines absolutely free of charge. Using our state of the art, self-leveling camera systems, Allied can determine exactly where the problem area is, and can also give you a price for repairs, down to the penny. But you may be asking yourself: How does it work? How long does it take? How will my house and my yard appear after Allied fixes my problem? Let me take you through the process and explain step by step what residential sewage line repair looks like. Our men arrive promptly, and immediately begin to work. This particular home has been diagnosed with three problem areas. Two bathrooms, and the kitchen. Therefore, three teams set to work in their respective areas, tunneling under the house to reach the old piping. For the purposes of this instructional, we will primarily follow the progress of this area, which happens to be one of the bathrooms. We will call it problem area number 1. What you are now watching are the tunnelers. First, these two men dig directly down and then make a 90 degree turn and work their way under the house. As you can see, the men are now moving well under the house and are that much closer to unearthing the problem pipes. Meanwhile, out in the yard, another team is trenching. Why are they doing that? you may ask. The point of trenching is so that Allied can reroute the home's new pipes instead of having all your pipes bunched up and hard to get to under the home, we reroute them in the yard, and angle them toward the main sewage line. Back at problem area number 1, the bad pipes have been reached, and are now exposed. As you can see, this cast iron piping is very corroded. Here's a crack, and another crack. This pipe is completely disconnected, and this one has split open. It's time to get that bad piping out of there. And this is where our plumbers come in with their saws. As each peice of pipe is removed, men are waiting outside the holes to carry it away. With the old, bad piping out, we now replace it with PVC. PVC will last indefinitely. PVC does not corrode. So let's go into our former problem area 1 and see what it looks like. The corrosion, leaks, and cracks are gone! What is left is a strong, sensible solution that will last a lifetime. Now, remember the trenching? Let's take a quick look around the house to see how our men have rerouted three problem areas. All that's left now is the backfill and the cleanup. The entire crew works as a unit to backfill the trenches and holes, to restore your home and yard. Most jobs are completed in just 2-3 days. No damages, no visible changes, but beneath the surface lies a permanent solution to the very nasty problem of broken sewage lines. If you think your home has cast iron piping, or if you've had persistent problems with your toilets or drains, give us a call. An inspection costs you absolutely nothing, and could potentially save you a lot down the road. We're Allied Foundation, and we're here to help.

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