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Foundation Repair can eventually be necessary for a homeowner due to our extreme climate changes. Seasonal drying or drought-like conditions that sometimes occur in Houston and surrounding areas can cause the soil around your home to shrink. Excessive rain can make it swell. The shifting and moving of the ground below stress the foundation and eventually cause cracks in the foundation.

Signs to Look For in Your Home

  • Cracks in sheetrock
  • Doors sticking
  • Frame pulling away
  • Gaps around windows
  • Separation in brick
  • Plumbing leaks
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If you find any of these problems, call us at Allied Foundation for your free consultation and estimate. We will conduct a step-by-step analysis of the interior and exterior of your home to determine if a foundation problem is present. When you need a Houston foundation repair expert, call Allied Foundation.

At Allied Foundation, we have extensive knowledge of the unique soil properties found in Houston, Texas, and surrounding cities. We offer a comprehensive solution approach to any foundation repair. We know your home is one of your top investments, and we are here to help ensure the protection of that investment! The first step in our foundation repair process is to determine the severity of the repairs.

The First Signs of Possible Foundation Problems

  • Cracks found in the interior walls
  • Doors that do not close properly or stick
  • Windows that open and close with difficulty
  • Rise or sink in the foundation floor
  • Cracks found in the concrete beam below the siding or bricks of your home
  • Separation of wood trim at exterior corners
  • Separations of brick adjacent to wood surfaces at the side of garage doors or chimney
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A Driven Concrete Pier

Solid concrete piers are driven to a “point of refusal”. Hydraulic jacks are then placed on concrete pads to level the foundation. The lift is then secured by blocks and shims.

the diagram shows how to install a metal beam

A Pile Guard Pier

Hardened mold-formed polymer joint guards are used to connect the concrete piers driven to a “point of refusal”. With these in place, a positive alignment and interlock is assured for a lifetime-guaranteed repair.

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Foundation Repair Tips

Houston homeowners can help avoid foundation repairs by keeping their foundations damp. The easiest way to do this is to invest in soaker hoses that can be placed around your home’s foundation. Watering your foundation during dry or drought-like conditions can greatly decrease the chances of foundation problems.

During the wetter season, it is imperative to have a drainage system around your property that allows the water to drain away from your home. If the home’s soil that supports the foundation becomes too wet, then the foundation can lose support. This can eventually cause damage to your foundation.

Other Services

Free Estimate

Shifting and sinking foundations affect thousands of Houston homes. Due to shrinking and swelling of soil, tree roots, and sewer line breaks, the foundation of the home can begin to sink. This situation can cause hazards in your home, as well as cost the homeowner a tremendous amount of money. Allied Foundation has been in the business for over 27 years. If you believe your foundation is sinking, call a name that you can trust. Call Allied Foundation. So, why does the foundation crack? As the house ages and the soil continues to shift, cracks begin to appear in the foundation. Seasonal drying causes the soil to shrink, the foundation to settle, and the slab to eventually crack. Also, tree roots extract moisture from around the foundation, accelerating the damage caused by soil movement. How can you tell if your foundation is sinking? First, let's start with the lesser symptoms. Separation of bricks on the exterior or interior of the home, cracks in sheetrock, or misalignment of doors. Signs of more severe damage can include rafters pulling in the attic, the bending or twisting of framing, plumbing breaks. If you've witnessed any of these defects in your home, then it's time to call Allied Foundation. Our team will come out and inspect your home absolutely free of charge. If it is determined that there is indeed a foundation problem, know that we provide only the most skilled personnel to complete the job. Our pricing is very competitive, and the turnaround is usually less than a day. Now, let's walk through the process together. Foundation work first begins by excavating a 24 inch by 24 inch square hole under the beam. We center these excavated holes approximately 6 fee apart around the affected area of the foundation. Using a 25 ton hydraulic ram, powered with an electric pump, we drive solid concrete cylinders directly under the foundation. The ram anchors against the bottom of the beam, and the concrete cylinders are driven down, creating a die, and encasing additional cylinders as it penetrates the soil. The point of refusal is reached for each pier when the cylinders cannot penetrate and the house begins to lift. For foundation repair to be successful, point of refusal must be met. When the ramming has been completed, an 8 by 8 by 12 rectangular block is placed on the cylinder's 20 ton hydraulic jacks, which are used to do the controlled lifting of the foundation. Typically, the lift is gradual, coming up less than an eighth of an inch at a time. The lift is secured with concrete cylinders and steel shims. At Allied Foundation, we also offer a pile guard pier. It is exactly like the driven concrete pier, but with a hard plastic coupling that connects the individual piles together. Pile guard piers assure that a positive interlock has been achieved. Installing driven concrete piers, or pile guard piers stabilizes and secures the foundation at a feasible level. The hard part is now over, and the crew will now backfill the excavated holes and perform and thorough clean up. The only sign of Allied Foundation being at your home will be a permanent solution to the very serious problem of a sinking foundation. Our teams work quickly to get the job done. Add that to competitive pricing and world class customer service, and you get Allied Foundation, serving Houston since 1982.

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