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spring landscaping houston tx
Spring Landscaping Tips to Protect Your Houston Foundation
While many homeowners eagerly embrace spring landscaping to enhance their property's curb appeal, it's...
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gutters protect foundation
How Your Gutters Help Your Houston Home Foundation
When rain pours down, gutters collect the water running off your roof and direct it to downspouts that...
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house elevation galveston tx
7 Reasons Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Have Your Galveston Home Elevated
Living in a coastal area like Galveston, TX has its postives and negatives. It's beautiful but with a...
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foundation repair deer park tx
7 Reasons You Should Not Put Off Repairing Your Foundation
Houston homeowners know that eventually they will need to have their home's foundation assessed. Find...
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seawall repair galveston
Benefits of Seawall Repair for Your Waterfront Property
The seawall for your waterfront property is designed to protect your home. If it is damaged, don't waste...
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Houston foundation repair
Climate Change and Its Impact on Your Houston Home’s Foundation
Climate change has made its impact on everything we can think of, including our home's foundation. See...
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sump pit
Foundation Maintenance: Choosing the Right Pump for Your Sump Pit
Protecting your home and its foundation from damaging water intrusions is a must in some areas of Houston,...
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Foundation Repair Houston TX
How Long Do Foundation Repairs Last?
Foundation repair in Houston TX can be expensive and almost always an occurance due to the clay soil....
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Winterize Houston Crawl Space
Get Your Houston Home Winter-Ready With This Handy Checklist
As winter approaches, many Houston homeowners start to think of how to best protect their home from the...
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