Signs Your Home Was Affected by the Snow Storm

a large house with snow on the ground

In addition to having to deal with the immediate damages caused by the storm, such as power outages and pipes bursting, many Houstonians now worry about the effects the severe winter weather could have had on their homes and foundations.

Winter Tips for Your Houston Home

a white house with brown shutters and a gate

Even if you have already prepared your home for the chilly weather, here are a few simple maintenance tasks that could help you prevent damage to your home during the last few weeks of winter.

What Are PEX Pipes – Why Use Them

yellow and white pipes are lined up against the wall

PEX piping is made of polyethylene whose molecules are chemically or mechanically linked together for superior flexibility and resistance to mechanical stresses.

Why Are My Water Pipes So Noisy?

a person in red gloves is pointing at a drain

Besides being annoying, noisy pipes may indicate a series of issues that could escalate into major plumbing problems if left unaddressed.