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Should You Be Worried: What’s Normal Settling & What’s Real Foundation Issues?

By Mark Jacobs on January 24, 2019

Normal settling or foundation issues?

You have probably heard at least one of your friends or family talk of needing a foundation repair on their home. It is perfectly normal to start worrying about your own home after hearing of others having issues. Is there a foundation repair in your future or is your home just having the normal settling issues?

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How Poor Soil Compaction Spells Trouble for Your Home’s Foundation

By Mark Jacobs on January 18, 2019

 Soil compaction is a vital part of construction. The type of soil your house is built on and the way it is compacted is extremely important. The foundation of your home relies on the firm support of the soil surrounding it to remain stable. Any shifting of this soil can lead to a cracking and crumbling foundation.

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Types of Foundation Stabilization - Which is Best for You?

By Mark Jacobs on January 14, 2019

You moved into your perfect home a few years ago. You have finally finished the updates so your family can relax and enjoy their home. Then you notice some cracking in the walls or maybe a sag in your front porch. 'Am I going to have to pay for an expensive foundation repair on top of everything else I have done to my house?' This is a question that plays over and over in your head as you call in a professional foundation repair expert.

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Houston’s Heat & Your Home

By Mark Jacobs on January 4, 2019

How hot does it get in Houston and how does the heat affect your home? There are days of 90-plus degrees Fahrenheit. These temperatures are common throughout the summer in Houston, while the nights seldom get cooler than 70 degrees. On average, four days in July and August see the temperature top 99 degrees. Along with other types of damage, you may be looking at a foundation repair.

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Things to Know When Buying a Home With Foundation Issues

By Mark Jacobs on December 26, 2018

Are foundation repair issues enough to keep you from buying your dream home? Imagine - you have just spent the last three months looking for your perfect home. Finally, after all these months, you walk into your new house. Everything about this house was made for you and your family. When you look at this home all you see is large walk-in closets and a big backyard for the kids. Making a repair to the foundation is not even on your radar.

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Ways to Protect Your Home and it’s Foundation During Natural Disasters

By Mark Jacobs on December 18, 2018

There are many things in this world you cannot count on, but one of them is the fact that your home will experience some form of natural disaster sometime over the course of its lifespan. By knowing the area that your home is located in, as well as knowing what type of disasters that you may possibly experience, you can plan to minimize the damage that can occur.
First it is essential to know and understand the definition of a natural disaster.  

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How Foundation Issues Affect The Value of Your Home

By Mark Jacobs on December 13, 2018

Answering the question of whether foundation issues affect the value of your home is easy. Absolutely! Issues of this nature will affect your home's value. Answering the question of how this will affect the value of your home becomes much more difficult.

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How to Know if Your Home’s Foundation Can be Saved

By Mark Jacobs on December 6, 2018

'Your home has foundation issues' is probably one of the scariest sentences that can be spoken to a homeowner. Finding that a home has problems with the foundation can stop the sale of a house faster than anything. The reason for this is because problems with a foundation can lead to high cost repairs and many headaches. What are you to do, however, if you already own your home and you start to have foundation issues?

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How Soil Conditions Differ by Location & How That Changes Your Home’s Foundation

By Mark Jacobs on November 28, 2018

Before a home can be built, you will need to test the area that you want to build on. The slope, the spoil, and the moisture content will all make a difference. Once the tests have been completed, the information gathered can help determine if the location that you chose is adequate for the placement of your structure.  There are many different types of soils depending on your location, so it is imperative to know what the ground can bare.

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The Cracks in Your Walls Are Gone - Do You Still Have to Worry About your Home’s Foundation?

By Mark Jacobs on November 26, 2018

Have you had the cracks in the walls of your home filled and fixed, but you're still unsure if there is anything else you should do?  You might be wondering if the cracks will come back, and if they return, will they be more prominent than they were previously?  Or maybe you are wondering if you're going to have a constant battle on your hands?
The answers to these questions vary on many factors, including what type of work that has been done.

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