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Homeowners Insurance and Foundation Repair

By Mark Jacobs on April 11, 2019

The health of your home's foundation is of the utmost importance to the integrity and safety of your home. Fortunately, most foundation damage happens slowly, over many years, and can be corrected before any serious failures happen. As a homeowner, you should be prepared to make repairs at the first sign that your foundation has cracked or begun sinking, because the longer you wait, the harder it will be to correct the problem. When it's time to make repairs, you may be thinking that your homeowner's insurance will kick in to save the day, but there are some important caveats to your coverage that you need to know about before you schedule your repair.

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What is a Weeping Tile System?

By Mark Jacobs on March 28, 2019

There are many things that can contribute to a failing foundation. Having water settle near or underneath your home is one of those things. Unfortunately, It can be difficult to locate a leak in your plumbing system underneath your house. The good news is that there are ways to prevent this. 

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What to Know About Foundation Piers

By Mark Jacobs on March 18, 2019

If you have found out that you have foundation issues, you're probably digging into some research to find the perfect company to do the repairs. After you have spoken with your contractor, you learn that placing piers underneath your foundation will be the best fix. From what you were told, this should permanently fix your issue. But there's more to know. 

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How Your Pool (or your neighbors) Can Hurt Your Houston Home’s Foundation

By Mark Jacobs on March 12, 2019

There is nothing as nice as coming home from work on a really hot Houston day and jumping into your pool. Maybe you do not have a pool, but you have considered building one for the family. During your research, you've maybe come across a horror story or two. If it made you pause, you're not alone. It is true that pools can have an effect on your home’s foundation.

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Costly Mistakes: How Improper Building Practices Can Set a New Home up for Failure

By Mark Jacobs on March 6, 2019

The construction crew has just shown up to the building site. You are very excited because the foundation of your new Houston home will be put in today. You have spent the last year working on the perfect location and plans for the home of your dreams. You start to get a nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach. Did you choose the right construction company for this project? Should you have paid a little more money to ensure a better quality home?

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What to Expect When Your Sewer Lines Need to be Replaced

By Mark Jacobs on February 26, 2019



Sewer lines are pipes that run from your house to the city sewer or to your septic tank. You may never have to think about these pipes as long as they are working properly. However, when these pipes have clogs and your wastewater is backing up into your home, they will be all you can think about! These lines need attention periodically to keep them in good working order. Clogs in sewer lines may happen naturally, so how do you know whether the main sewer line needs to be unclogged by a professional or sewer line replacement is required?

Topics: Sewer Lines
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What to Expect When Your Foundation Needs to be Fixed

By Mark Jacobs on February 19, 2019

Foundation issues may seem overwhelming. There's no doubt that it's a big job - it's not something a single handyman can take care of. But there is no reason to stress too much. There are ways to fix even the worst foundation issues, and many companies are open to financing or payment plans. 

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What to Expect When You’re Having Your Fresh Water Lines Changed in Your Home

By Mark Jacobs on February 13, 2019

You may have noticed some wet areas in your flooring. What does this mean and how much will it cost to repair? This is a common sign that you have a plumbing leak under the foundation of your home. However, this is not the only sign that you may have a problem. You may have also noticed an increase in your water bill.

Topics: Sewer Lines
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What to Expect When Your House is Being Leveled

By Mark Jacobs on February 6, 2019

The thought of having the foundation of your Houston home repaired can make the strongest of persons feel overwhelmed. This is why many people will tend to ignore the signs of a failing foundation until it becomes necessary to level the house. Leveling a house can be intimidating and somewhat expensive. The process can be made much easier with a little education on what to expect when your house is being leveled. 

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Should You Be Worried: What’s Normal Settling & What’s Real Foundation Issues?

By Mark Jacobs on January 24, 2019

Normal settling or foundation issues?

You have probably heard at least one of your friends or family talk of needing a foundation repair on their Houston home. It is perfectly normal to start worrying about your own home after hearing of others having issues. Is there a foundation repair in your future or is your home just having the normal settling issues?

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