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a blue pipe is connected to a red pipe
The Effects of a Burst Pipe on Your Foundation and Home
A pipe bursting under your home's foundation can cause many problems.
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pipes are shown with the words what to expect when your sewer lines need to be replaced
What to Expect When Your Sewer Lines Need to be Replaced
You may be overwhelmed when you are told you need sewer line replacement in your Houston home. The best...
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storm clouds loom over the ocean with boats in the water
Preparing for Severe Weather: Home Elevation Guidelines
Hurricane season will be here before you know it. Is your home sitting at a safe level? If not, you may...
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a fire hydrant sitting on the side of a wall
Costly Mistakes: How Improper Building Practices Can Set a New Home up for Failure
Some homes were built to have problems down the road. Whether it's from improper building practices or...
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a large house with two story windows and brown siding
Foundation Cracks in Your Woodlands Home
The Woodlands is a beautiful place to call home. Ensure your home is safe and be watchful of these foundation...
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a bathroom wall that has been torn down
Can Water Seepage Affect My Foundation?
Water seepage can wreck havoc on your home's foundation- but it can be prevented.
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a crack in the ceiling is shown with white paint
Know the Different Kinds of Cracks In Your Walls
There's no doubt that your home will experience cracks in its walls. That's normal, but not all cracks...
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a news paper sitting on top of a wooden table
Is Your Home Ready For a Houston Winter
Last year's winter storm took us all by surprise. Make sure your home is ready for whatever winter throws...
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a large house with green grass in front of it
Protect What's Yours - Foundation Repair
Know the signs of foundation damage. Protect what's yours by recoginizing the signs.
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