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Keeping Your Foundation in Mind When Landscaping

By Jon on April 29, 2021

Nowadays, you can find a wide variety of landscaping ideas and tips to transform your property into a breathtaking retreat that looks just like the ones from the Home and Garden TV shows. But regardless of your landscape needs and wants, or the plants, shrubs, and trees you wish to plant, one thing you should remember is that proper landscaping can do much more than just improve the appearance and overall value of your property. In a nutshell, proper landscaping can help you prevent foundation damage and extend the lifespan of your Houston home. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to plan and maintain your landscape for a healthier foundation.

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How Cold Weather Could Have Affected Your Foundation

By Jon on April 15, 2021

Because mild temperatures tend to dominate Texas during the winter, potential freezing and thawing aren’t typically considered a great threat to our Houston homes. But cold weather can still be very detrimental to your home. That’s because low temperatures along with occasional snowfall, freezing rain, and ice can irreversibly affect your foundation and cause extensive structural damage throughout your home. To understand how the February snow storm and cold outbreak might have impacted your foundation, let’s take a look at some of the adverse effects that freezing temperatures and snowfall can have on a house foundation.

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5 Ways Your Landscaping Choices Can Harm your Foundation

By Jon on November 14, 2019

Landscaping is a wonderful way to turn a home into something spectacular. When making landscaping choices, often, the only thing that is considered is how the yard will look afterward. While this may be an important thought in the beginning, it is important to consider how landscaping choices can impact the rest of your home. Landscaping is crucial to protecting the integrity of your foundation, and often, there is little to no awareness on how different landscaping choices can cause severe damage to a foundation. To shed some light on the issue, Allied has put together this guide on the 5 most common landscaping mistakes that can do damage to your foundation. 

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Land Grading and How Draining Issues Hurt Your Home’s Foundation

By Mark Jacobs on September 17, 2018

When building or adding onto a home, it is imperative that the land under and around your foundation be appropriately graded so that you will not have any problems. When you have rain or snow or even when watering your yard, the runoff should not pool next to the home.

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Getting Rid of Standing Water Around Your Home

By Mark Jacobs on August 30, 2018

The landscape of your property and the environment around it play an important role in the health conditions of your building structure and the overall health of your foundation. There are many factors that are responsible for causing structural damage to a building. For example, the humidity and the water index of the soils beneath affect the homes when the soils contract or expand. Depending on the soil's water content the response of the soils will immediately be to expand with excess hydrogen particles from water or to contract and shrink when the aggregate soil lacks hydration.

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