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Yris Bauerkemper

Just wanted to thank Allied for doing it such a wonderful job at my house! They were not only fast but very detailed in their job. Upon completion, they cleaned up and made sure I was 200% satisfied. Thank you for making this such an easy and painless turn. I would definitely recommend Allied Foundation to all my friends and family!

Stephanie Kwiatkowski

The guys worked great and fast, and they even followed up on the work. They did an amazing job, and I am very pleased with how they handled everything. I would definitely recommend Allied Foundation!

Danielle Stafford

Allied did a great job with the work that needed to be done to my home. They were very professional, gave a good price, they did a wonderful job, and the work was completed in one day! They also followed up the next week to make sure we were happy with the work. I would highly recommend them!

Jose Garcia

They are great! Very helpful and kept me up-to-date with everything. They had about four trucks in front of my house; all the men worked very hard and didn't stop - not one time. I had to have my entire house done; 37 piers to complete my house. This was the first time we had this done, and we were very nervous because we didn't know what to expect. However, they made sure my pipeline didn't bust. We will recommend them to anyone.

Sofia Mata

I am very happy with the service I received from Allied. They definitely went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the final outcome. Their staff is super courteous and professional. Great job to Davis and his team.

Mike Tamayo

I worked with these guys on trying to determine if I had a sewer line or foundation issue. Jason Frick was very patient and thorough. His experience and knowledge were very much appreciated. They definitely are not in it for just making money; their goal is to do the job right and not sell you on something you don't need.

Foundation Repair Testimonials - Deer Park, TX and Pasedena, TX
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My name is Richard Bartosh. I live in Deer Park, Texas and have used Allied Foundation. The value of this from what I've been hearing what other people have been paying. Very happy with the price. When they gave us the price, it was like a no-brainer. We were going with them. Didn't even need to shop around just by the reputation and word of mouth. So we were very happy with our price. After they leveled it, it did make a lot of difference. The doors were able to close, cracks in the sheetrock were closed up. You could actually feel, walking into one of our bedrooms, you felt the floor slant, and in that corner they said they raised it up over 3.5 inches, so they did do a wonderful job the way we see it. This is my mother-in-law's house and we will be coming out tomorrow to give us an estimate, and then in the near future they're going to coming to my mother's house who also lives in Pasadena. I recommend them.

Foundation Repair & Sewer Repair Testimonials - Houston, TX
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My name is Daniel Rodriguez, and this is my wife Argentina Rodriguez. We've been married about 40 years now. We've been living in this house going on 17 years. We found Allied through a friend of ours, they did some work in his house, he's very satisfied, so we gave him a call for foundation repair, and lo and behold, we also had some plumbing problems and they came out and told us we could do that also. They looked at the job, and they said no problem. They beat the price that another company gave us, so we went with Allied and we are very very pleased and very happy with our job. I was very worried. Not so much the foundation, but when they went in to do the plumbing. The plumbing to me was just the most awesome part of the whole work that Allied did for us. Just 10 days ago the yard looked like a war zone. Today, it's a pleasant yard that we're just totally satisfied with. For doing the job that they did, rerouted the whole sewer system underneath the house. Very very impressed. I guess when you have two guys digging the 5 foot deep and 5 foot underneath the house in one day. They dug three holes in one day. No machinery, just the shovels. I mean, they were very very hard workers. I couldn't do it. I'll tell you these guys, in a heartbeat, I'd take them in the army. I'll take them to battle, anytime. Very impressed. So I'm just totally impressed. I highly recommend your company. We have nothing but praises. It's just a great, it was a great experience for both of us.

Foundation Repair Testimonial - Alvin, TX
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My name's Diana. My husband's Ken, and we live in Alvin, Texas. The drought hit this year, this past year, and that's when we started seeing small cracks in one room, and then another room, then another room. Doors wouldn't close. Yeah, so I knew immediately what it was, and that's when we called Allied. A girlfriend of mine had Allied come out and do some foundation work for them, and so I remember that, so I gave her a call and said, "Would you refer, you know the people that you used?" and she said, "Absolutely!" So when they came out and you know they work with me on the price. It was extremely reasonable, so I told them yes, you know, we'd do it. It was perfect. They, I could barely tell that they were here. I would recommend Allied. Matter of fact, I've already recommended one person. I was really happy with the work that they did for us.

Foundation Repair Testimomial - Houston, TX
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I'm Kim Walmac. I live in Houston, Texas, and I have been familiar with Allied's product and service for, gee, more than 20 years. Most people want to get price estimates and have people come out and nobody that I've heard of usually can beat the price of Allied so it's more than reasonable, they're more than competitive, and you know what, they do a good job in terms of not messing up the property. I think that's another important thing to know. The most reassuring thing about addressing a foundation issue, especially in residential real estate, is knowing that the company isn't going anywhere, that they have a long outstanding record of customer satisfaction and that we can freely recommend to our clients that from past experience dealing with Allied is never a problem. The reputation of satisfying the customer is out there, and that's so important. Customer service and satisfaction and just longevity in the business, and not to mention doing outstanding work at a very reasonable price. The most important things.

Foundation Repair Testimonial - Friendswood, TX
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My name is Denise Shmidt, and I live in Friendswood, Texas. Actually, I lucked out. I looked in the Yellow Pages and I came to Allied Foundation. I saw they'd been in business since 1982, and I thought I'd give them a call. And they came out, and they were so nice, the man who came out, and he gave a very good estimate. There's no hidden fees. I went ahead and decided to go with him, and I had talked to several other people who'd gone with other companies who had charged outlandish fees and really not even done a good job. Now plus they told me everything would have a lifetime warranty. They repaired. And I was very pleased with their work. They came exactly the time they said they were going to be here. Let's say they said 7:00. They pulled up 5 to 7. Knocked on the door, "we're here." They worked so hard. They never even took a break. They were very polite about coming in the house with their levels. They would take their shoes off so they didn't get mud or anything in my home, and then after it was done, there were I mean literally cracks that were you know sealed back together again. You always have to have some sheetrock work done afterwards, but I was going to redo the walls anyway and repaint them. Everyone I've recommended them to has said thank you so much and I'm going to recommend them to people too. So I have nothing but nice things to say about them. Very professional, very hard workers.

Foundation Repair Testimonials - Houston TX
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My foundation wasn't even. I had areas in my foundation that were lower than others, and so my doors weren't fitting right, I had cracks in my walls and things like that, so until I had that fixed, I couldn't do anything else. I was very happy with them. I mean, they got it all done within, I don't even remember the hours exactly, but it was within the whole day. It started to rain on them and everything, and they didn't stop working for one minute. They were very careful about my plants. What I liked about Allied Foundation was two things. Number 1: the work was done really fast in an expedient manner. I didn't have to leave work or be away from my job for more than about half a day. So they showed up when they said they were going to show up, and it was done by 1:00. But the professionalism of both the supervisor and the crew was outstanding. You could really tell that they were very proud of their work and they wanted to make sure that I as the customer was satisfied. What I like about Allied Foundation, and Richard Pacheco, and the staff that works for him - Melanie and Jason I've dealt with ever since '95 or since they've been there. And they are very good at coming out and looking at the property, evaluating the situation, and if there's no repairs needed, they tell me that, and they don't charge to go out and look at that and give us that information.