Caring for Your Home by the Season: What to do When

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There is always a laundry list of things to do when it comes to taking care of a home, and though some of these things remain the same season to season, there are many things that change with the weather! This guide will take you through the seasons and outline everything you should do to care for your home, and when to do it! 

Winter in Houston

With winter quickly approaching, it is important to remember a few key maintenance points! The first step is to inspect the roof, gutters, and downspouts to make sure that they are secure. It is also important to clean the refrigerator and freezer drip pans, as well as the vacuum coils. With holiday decorations sure to make an appearance, it is imperative to ensure that exterior decorations are labeled as outdoor and that all of the decorations have tight connections. Winter, and the cold, means more hot meals, so check the air filter of the kitchen exhaust hood, and give it a good clean before using your stove more for warming soups and stews. A final tip is to check the water heater in your home for leaks or pressure issues. A leak detector could be useful to prevent flood damage.

Spring in Houston

In the spring, after the chaotic weather of the winter, be sure to check the roof for potential damage. If you’ve shut off outdoor watering for the winter, be sure to restart outdoor water systems, and clean out sprinkler systems. While doing this, check the outdoor faucets for leaks or damage they may have accrued over the winter. You can also check the shutoff valve at the water main for leaks. Before the heat really kicks in, have an HVAC professional examine your AC! You can also repair your driveway, filling in any cracked, broken, or uneven driveways. Also be sure to clean lint buildup from your dryer exhaust duct, and make your fire extinguisher readily available.

Summer in Houston

Enjoy your fun in the sun, but be sure to check play equipment for damage and make any necessary repairs to ensure maximum fun with minimal damage. Look into deck or patio deterioration and be sure to reseal any wood decks to limit their potential water damage. Tree trimming is always a good maintenance idea, and so is removing any potential dead or damaged trees on the property. Examine the exterior siding for any chips or damages, and repair those before they can possibly get any bigger. April shower bring May flowers, but all that rain can do water damage! Be sure to check your home, and your foundation, for any signs of damage or leaks. If you discover any drainage issues, contact your trusted Houston landscape drainage expert to take a look – free!

Fall in Houston

In preparation for the winter months, be sure the drain sprinkler systems, cover outdoor pipes, and any other outdoor water sources, such as a pool. Raking up and removing leaves will prepare the lawn for winter, and bringing in temperature-sensitive plants will save them from the cold temperatures. Also, be sure to clean all gutters of the remnants of leaves that fall with have left them with! Draining gas-powered lawn equipment of their fuel will avoid any potential damage to the equipment and leave them fully prepared to be brought back out in the spring. Sweep the chimney and inspect flues and vents to ensure they are clean and prepared for winter use, and, before the holidays kick in, clean all kitchen appliances! Protect your AC with a waterproof cover, or, remove it, and be sure to re-caulk and seal around doors and windows to limit cold air drafts. Finally, prevent any fires by cleaning the clothes dryer exhaust ducts and dampers, as well as the space under the dryer, of any lint, dust, or dirt.

While there may be other things to take care of on a home, this guide has highlighted the biggest things that should be taken care of from season to season! From draining sprinkler systems to repairing cracked driveways and everything in between, these small home maintenances will keep your home running smoothly in one piece! If during your home maintenance you find yourself questioning anything about the integrity of your foundation, reach out to Allied today for a free estimate on repairs. 

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