Summer Foundation Checklist

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Having a high clay content, Houston’s soil is extremely vulnerable to seasonal fluctuations, which cause it to significantly expand during the winter and shrink just as much in the summer.

Why is Foundation Irrigation Important?

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Houston can experience long periods of time without rain. You need to act accordingly for the health of your foundation, as periods of extreme weather can damage your structure without foundation irrigation.

How You Can Protect Your New Home’s Foundation

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Because the foundation plays a crucial role in the overall construction quality as well as the building stability and durability, it must be strong enough to support the weight of your home and withstand the stresses resulting from temperature fluctuations, slight soil movement, and hydrostatic pressures.

Signs Your Home Was Affected by the Snow Storm

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In addition to having to deal with the immediate damages caused by the storm, such as power outages and pipes bursting, many Houstonians now worry about the effects the severe winter weather could have had on their homes and foundations.