When the rain comes to Houston, it’s generally a good thing.

Sadly, though, there’s a downside that can have a devastating effect on the structure of your home. No matter whether you’re dealing with a drizzle or a serious storm, a drought or a wet winter, the danger might still persist. It all depends on the state of your property.

That danger is water seepage.

Water damage is one of the biggest risk factors that can affect your foundation. Suppose the home is sound and has good soil beneath the foundation. In that case, water damage may be the only thing that can cause a home’s foundation to deteriorate before its time.

Let’s take a closer look at water seepage and what it can do.

Water Seepage Can Strike Otherwise Sound Houston Homes

Water seepage can happen to virtually any home. You might not be at risk when you first move in, only for the problem to creep in later. When water seeps into the ground near the foot of your building, it can become trapped. It may be absorbed by the concrete of your foundation, eroding it.

How does water seepage happen?

Ideally, both your roof and your yard will help protect your home against seepage. The roof does it with your gutter system. Rainwater that runs off your roof gets caught in the gutter then slides safely away from the foot of the home. It emerges a fair distance away, thanks to your drainpipe.

The water is absorbed into the ground at that distance but cannot damage the foundation.

The other contributor is the terrain of your yard on every side of your home. The land around your home should be gently graded such that rainwater will flow away from the building. It is crucial that this water never encounter an uphill slope, which will cause it to settle and pool.

If you act early, water seepage can be prevented by stopping these two problems from developing:

1. Your Gutters

First and foremost, check to be sure your gutters are functional after every rain or windstorm. Look at the gutters from all angles to verify that they are fully attached to the building. Then. unclog the gutters by running water from your garden hose. At the same time, watch the gutters for any leaks.

If gutters become severely clogged, it may be necessary to brush them out with a hard cleaning brush or a specialized gutter cleaning tool. Remember, the state of your gutters can tell you valuable things about your roof. If your gutter is clogged with reflective roof granules, you may need to replace some shingles.

Be sure you clean out your gutter at least once every three months. When gutters overflow, the water can end up right at the foot of your house. This is a vulnerable area because concrete, such as the concrete in most Houston foundations, is porous. It readily absorbs water, which causes it to crack.

2. Your Yard

As a rule of thumb, the ground should slope away from your structure in every direction a minimum of two inches per ten feet. It is fine to go to three inches every ten feet. In fact, the maximum slope is a much stronger twelve inches for every four feet – but this extreme isn’t necessary to protect your foundation.

If you have level ground with a gentle slope and no large obstructions, it is possible to grade your yard yourself. These instructions will give you some idea of the lawn grading process. If in doubt, it’s a wise idea to talk to a landscaping expert. The job can usually be done for you in a matter of hours.

Water Seepage Is the Silent Killer for Houston Home Foundations

Houston foundation repair is often necessary when one or both of the problems above go unaddressed for a year or more. Water seepage will gradually inundate the soil underneath your home’s foundation, and the concrete will absorb as much of that moisture as it can, weakening along the way.

Every case of Houston foundation damage is a little bit different, just as every home is unique.

To be sure you are getting the right foundation repair work for the job, a credible foundation repair company will send an expert to perform an evaluation. You’ll receive a free estimate along with a full explanation of the issue, how it most likely happened, and what steps should be taken to fix it.

Foundation repair work can require house lifting, house leveling, and more.

The need for foundation repair can come as a nasty shock to homeowners. Allied Foundation Repair is here to make it easier for you. We offer full financing and can get the job done in as little as 24 hours. Contact us to get started today.

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