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a red and blue sign that says hurricane season
Hurricane Season in Houston: Everything You Should Know
Although the historical peak of the season is from mid-August through mid-October, it’s never too soon...
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the water is very high and there are ducks swimming in it
Flooding in Houston: What You Should Know Before, During, and After
A surefire way to protect your home from potential flood damage is to elevate it to the required Flood...
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a large brick house with two garages
Improving the Look of the Brick on Your Older Home
Adding timeless, historic charm and character to buildings, brickwork is one of the most valuable architectural...
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a house with palm trees and flowers in front of it
Top 10 Maintenance-Free Flowers and Plants
During the summer, many homeowners love spending time outdoors and tending to their flower beds.
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a person is cleaning leaves off the side of a house
Landscaping to Improve Your Home’s Drainage
Water pooling around your foundation can lead to various issues, including pest infestations, wood rot,...
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a man is mowing the grass with a lawnmower
Preparing Your Lawn for Houston’s Summer
Find out how you can prepare and maintain your lawn in order to prevent foundation damage during the...
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the pipes are connected to each other on the wall
Signs Your Home Needs Repiping
Repiping your home as soon as you observe the first signs of a major plumbing problem can save you money,...
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a flooded kitchen and dining room with chairs
What Home Elevation Can Do For Your Flood Risk
One way to prevent flooding is to make an investment into home elevation.
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a white house with black shutters and trees
5 Common Landscape Drainage Issues
Drainage issues can not only be annoying in their own right, they can be something that impacts your...
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