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a person is pouring cement into a mixer
The Importance of the Concrete Type for Foundation Repairs
When your foundation is being repaired, ensuring you have the right concrete is crucial for the job to...
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two hands holding a model house with the words how foundation issues effect the value of your home
How Foundation Issues Affect The Value of Your Home
The foundation of your home needs to be healthy to get a good price when selling your home. A bad foundation...
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a man is holding two black objects in his hands
Should You Water Your Foundation during the Winter?
Maintaining a relatively constant moisture content in the soil around the foundation of a home is one...
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rain falling down from the roof of a house
How Improper Installation of your Rain Gutters Can Cause Big Problems
The damage that rain gutters can produce can be quite costly to repair, so we are going to go over some...
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a white marble surface with cracks in it
a faucet with water running from it and the words fresh water in your home should you use
Fresh Water Lines in Your Home: Should You Use PEX vs Copper Piping?
Are you at the point of needing to replace the fresh water lines in your home? Or maybe you are looking...
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a large house with a driveway in front of it
Winter Foundation Maintenance Tips for Your Houston Home
As a rule, the Houston area doesn't worry about snow and ice in the winter; however, winter can still...
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the words how foundation cracks are sealed on a blue and white wall
How Foundation Cracks are Sealed
Notice cracks in your home's foundation? It's easy to panic - but take a deep breath. They can be fixed,...
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a close up of a wooden structure with pipes
Your Crawlspace Is Damp: Should You Be Worried?
Crawlspace moisture is a common occurrence in Houston that many people tend to ignore. Just because it's...
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