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two construction workers working on the side of a building
Common Symptoms of Foundation Issues in Your Houston Home
Do you have an issue with things not quite looking correct in or outside of your home? Maybe you want...
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Can My Plumbing Be Harming My Foundation?
Plumbing leaks and foundation damage may seem like two separate issues. But in reality, a causal relationship...
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Common Mistakes with Foundation Repair
If you observe any of typical signs of foundation damage or other problems that may indicate foundation...
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Services We Provide at Allied Foundation
Allied Foundation is well-known for our superior foundation repair services; but did you know we offer...
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7 Tips for Foundation Repair
Know what to look for in a faulty foundation and know what to expect if your foundation needs to be repaired.
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a man holding a shovel and wearing work gloves
How to Know if Your Home’s Foundation Can be Saved
'Your home has foundation issues' is probably one of the scariest sentences that can be spoken to a homeowner....
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someone holding dirt in their hand with the words how soil conditions differ by location & how that changes your
How Soil Conditions Differ by Location & How That Changes Your Home’s Foundation
Soil conditions require testing, and it's one of the most critical steps that needs to be taken before...
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the cracks in your walls are gone - do you still have to worry about your home's foundation
The Cracks in Your Walls Are Gone -  Do You Still Have to Worry About your Home’s Foundation?
Have you had the cracks in your walls filled and fixed, but you're still unsure if there is anything...
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a house with white siding and windows on a sunny day
What Clay Soil Means for Your Houston Home
Among all soil types, clay soil, which is prevalent in the Houston area, has the greatest potential to...
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