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a man holding a shovel and wearing work gloves
How to Know if Your Home’s Foundation Can be Saved
'Your home has foundation issues' is probably one of the scariest sentences that can be spoken to a homeowner....
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someone holding dirt in their hand with the words how soil conditions differ by location & how that changes your
How Soil Conditions Differ by Location & How That Changes Your Home’s Foundation
Soil conditions require testing, and it's one of the most critical steps that needs to be taken before...
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the cracks in your walls are gone - do you still have to worry about your home's foundation
The Cracks in Your Walls Are Gone -  Do You Still Have to Worry About your Home’s Foundation?
Have you had the cracks in your walls filled and fixed, but you're still unsure if there is anything...
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a house with white siding and windows on a sunny day
What Clay Soil Means for Your Houston Home
Among all soil types, clay soil, which is prevalent in the Houston area, has the greatest potential to...
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a bird is standing in the middle of a dirt field
What Is Soil Stabilization?
When it comes to the home foundations in the Houston area, soil stabilization is a very important factor...
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a man is working on a building under construction
Top Reasons Why You Should Not Wait to Fix Your Foundation
You might be thinking your home's foundation repair can wait. But let us tell why you shouldn't wait,...
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a tree with yellow leaves and a quote about root barriers you don't have to choose house over
Root Barriers: You Don’t Have to Choose House Over Garden
Love your trees but afraid their roots will damage your home's foundation? Take a look at why you don't...
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trees and their effect on your foundation
Trees and Their Effect on Your Foundation
Do you have trees on your property and want to know what to look out for concerning your home's foundation?...
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a close up of a brick wall made of bricks
Cracked Brick Can Mean Foundation Problems
If the crack is more than just a single brick, there may be additional issues with your foundation. There...
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