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a brick wall with the words 3 misconferences about your home's foundation and its repair
3 Misconceptions About Your Home's Foundation and Its Repair
The truth is, when addressed properly and in a timely fashion, most foundation repairs don't have to...
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a pile of dirt with the words know your houston home's drainage system
Knowing Your Houston Home's Drainage System
Water drainage is a serious issue thanks to Houston's rainy climate.
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the words houston home built on and what you need to know
What Kind of Soil is Your Houston Home Built on & What You Need to Know
Due to the variance in soil types, it is important for Houston homeowners to understand what type of...
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an advertisement for a water company with the words, fresh water lines in your older houston home are they
Fresh Water Lines in Your Older Houston Home - Are They Safe?
If you are buying, or already own, an older Houston home, here are a few things you need to know about...
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an open window with the words house hunting for vintage gems how to spot common issues
House Hunting for Vintage Gems - How to Spot Common Issues
If you're in the market for such a Houston home, here are a few tips to help you weed out the most common...
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a pool surrounded by trees and plants with the words pool pumps and circuition systems leaks & your home
Pool Pumps and Circulation Systems - Leaks & Your Houston Homes Foundation
Owning a pool is a dream come true for many Houston homeowners, due to the extreme summer heat Houstonians...
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a sprinkler is spraying water on the grass
Your Sprinkler & Your Houston Home's Foundation
A built-in sprinkler system can be a lifesaver for those who want a beautiful, lush lawn during the summer...
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a sign that says simple maintenance techniques that could extend the life of your home's foundation
Simple Maintenance Techniques That Could Extend the Life of Your Houston Home’s Foundation
The best way to preserve your home's foundation, and avoid costly foundation repairs, is to create stable...
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Homeonwers Insurance Policy Houston TX
Homeowners Insurance and Foundation Repair
Foundation issues can happen to any home. When it's time to make repairs, you may be thinking that your...
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