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a puddle of water with the words 5 signs your houston home has drainage issues
5 Signs your Houston Home has Drainage Issues
Drainage issues may not seem like a big deal, but they could eventually mean thousands and thousands...
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a person holding dirt in their hand with the words how to prevent my home's foundation from sinking
How To Prevent My Home's Foundation from Sinking
Every home experiences some settling over time. There are measures you can take to prevent major settling...
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a garden with steps leading up to flowers
5 Ways Your Landscaping Choices Can Harm your Foundation
Landscaping is a wonderful way to turn a home into something spectacular - but it is important to consider...
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a person holding a tablet with a house on it
Sinking Foundations vs Normal Settling: When to be Concerned
Nothing threatens the integrity of your Houston home in such an alarming way as when you notice signs...
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a tree with roots and the words which trees weak havoc on your foundation?
Which Trees Wreak Havoc on Your Foundation?
Trees are a wonderful thing to have around a home! But certain types can hurt your foundation in the...
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a calculator with a stethoscope on top of it
Why Does a Foundation Repair On Your Home Cost So Much?
Foundation repairs can be expensive. Here, we'll dive into why they cost what they do, and how you can...
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crack in the side of a wall with text overlaying it
CRACKS! What to Check For [And How To Repair Them]
Cracks are an alarming thing to find on the interior or exterior walls. Learn when you should worry,...
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a bunch of keys sitting on top of some blueprints
Preventing Issues: Choosing the Right New Home Builders
Sometimes the only way to get the exact home that you want is to design it yourself! Here's what to look...
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a man sitting in a cave with the words tunneling what is it and how is it done?
Tunneling: What Is It and How Is It Done? [With Photos]
Foundation Repair in Houston often requires a process called tunneling. Here's what you can expect when...
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