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a brick house with white trim and windows
Signs Your Katy Home Needs a Foundation Inspection
How do you know if your Katy home is in need of foundation repair? Checking for warning signs like cracks...
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a living room with a couch and a fire place
Foundation Sign – My Wood Floor Feels Soft
Typically, a floor that feels soft when you step on it is the first sign that indicates there is an issue...
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a house with landscaping in front of it
Landscaping Can Help Protect Your Foundation
Although there are different things you need to consider when planning your outdoor space, your home’s...
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a house under construction with the foundation exposed
House Lifting Explained
Understanding the process of having your home lifted helps many homeowners that will be taking on this...
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an abandoned house in the middle of a field
Do I Have Signs of a Sinkhole or Foundation Issues?
How do you know if you have a sinkhole developing or if you just have foundation issues?
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a city skyline with skyscrapers and trees in the foreground
Summer Foundation Checklist
Having a high clay content, Houston’s soil is extremely vulnerable to seasonal fluctuations, which cause...
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a man wearing a hard hat and safety gear
What You Should Know about Pier and Beam Foundation Repairs
Currently, there are two types of foundations prevalent in Houston and surrounding areas: slab-on-grade...
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the ground is cracked and has little grass growing on it
Dry Weather Can Cause Issues for Your Foundation
Excess water isn’t the only factor that can cause foundation issues. Dry weather can also lead to a variety...
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a large white house with lots of windows
Foundation Repair Problems in Houston TX
When it comes to Houston homes, foundation repair problems can lead to major structural damage just like...
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