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a crack in the ceiling is shown with white paint
Know the Different Kinds of Cracks In Your Walls
There's no doubt that your home will experience cracks in its walls. That's normal, but not all cracks...
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a news paper sitting on top of a wooden table
Is Your Home Ready For a Houston Winter
Last year's winter storm took us all by surprise. Make sure your home is ready for whatever winter throws...
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a large house with green grass in front of it
Protect What's Yours - Foundation Repair
Know the signs of foundation damage. Protect what's yours by recoginizing the signs.
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a rain gutter attached to the side of a building
How Drainage Affects your Foundation
Heavy downpours can wreak havoc on your home especially if proper drainage is not being utilized.
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a red brick building with a broken window
Do You Need Your Foundation Repaired
Not sure if your home's foundation is in trouble, find out if you home's foundation needs repairing.
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a large house with a lawn in front of it
Foundation Problems You Can’t See
Foundation damage isn’t always apparent. Sometimes, foundation problems go unnoticed for a long time,...
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an unfinished building with wooden beams and walls
Enclose Your Crawl Space before You Get Unwanted Guests
Enclosed crawl spaces are necessary to ensure the removal of unwanted heat and moisture, and makes it...
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a large group of lightning strikes in the night sky
Signs Your Home Was Affected by the Storm
Storms can leave a lot of destruction behind, some you can see immediately and others you may not. Find...
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a large house with a lawn in front of it
Bumps in the Night
Have you recently noticed any changes in your foundation? In that case, they could have been caused by...
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