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a house that is under construction in the dirt
Foundation Damage after Flooding – Home Lifting Solutions
While most properties require different measures to keep floodwaters at bay, home elevation is the surest...
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a red brick wall with a clock on it
What You Don’t See Can Hurt You – Foundation Damage
Many homeowners never think about their homes’ foundations. However, most of them start to worry when...
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a house being built in the middle of a yard
5 Reasons You Want to Raise Your Houston Home
One of the best strategies to protect your Houston home from potential flood damage is to lift your living...
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a room filled with lots of furniture under water
Keep Your Home Safe in a Flood Zone
Regardless of where your home is located, assessing the risk of flooding in your area allows you to better...
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a house being built with wooden pallets
How to Prepare for Home Elevation
While not the most enjoyable component of an elevation project, preparation plays an essential role in...
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a large white house with lots of flowers in the front yard
My Newly Built Home Has a Crack: Now What?
If you’ve just discovered one or more cracks in your newly built home, how worried should you be about...
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a brick chimney on the side of a building
Is Your Chimney Trying to Tell You Something?
Besides the fact that loose bricks could fall and injure people and pets or cause property damage, a...
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a hand writing the word fact with a marker
Ignore These Myths about Foundation Repair
If you’ve noticed any foundation problems, fixing them is the best decision you can make despite all...
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a hand holding a pen over a blueprint
How Do I Know If My Pipes Need Refitting
Regardless of the piping materials and system you have in your home, all pipes and fittings will fail...
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