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yellow and white pipes are lined up against the wall
What Are PEX Pipes – Why Use Them
PEX piping is made of polyethylene whose molecules are chemically or mechanically linked together for...
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pipes are connected to the wall in an unfinished room
The Benefits of PEX Pipes – What You Should Know
Although there are many piping materials available on the market today, PEX is being increasingly used...
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a close up of a metal pipe with water coming out of it
Should I Replace Copper Pipes with PEX Pipes?
To fit a variety of applications, PEX is typically enhanced with different additives for improved thermal...
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a person in red gloves is pointing at a drain
Why Are My Water Pipes So Noisy?
Besides being annoying, noisy pipes may indicate a series of issues that could escalate into major plumbing...
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a pile of twenty dollar bills laying on top of each other
How to Get Financing for Foundation Repair
If you cannot afford to repair your foundation, there are a few financing options you could pursue.  
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two blue pipes are connected to each other
What Is Involved in Repiping a House?
Repiping an entire house is a relatively laborious and costly undertaking.
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a large house surrounded by trees and bushes
How to Keep Tree Roots from Destroying Your Property
When tree roots come up to the soil surface, they can damage the landscape and different structures around...
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several different colored pipes in a room
The Advantages of PEX Plumbing
PEX plumbing has several advantages over metal piping (copper) and plastic pipe systems.
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a man is digging dirt in front of a house
What is Covered by a Foundation Repair Lifetime Warranty
There are two different types of lifetime warranties when it comes to foundations of homes. First there...
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