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If you suspect you might have a problem with your home’s foundation, it’s crucial to get it checked out right away. Foundation repair can be highly affordable and quicker than you might think, but if the issue worsens for months or even years, it can get complicated.

Your Foundation Affects Every Part of Your Home

Structurally speaking, the roof and the foundation are any home’s  two most important elements. Damage to either one will affect the entire house. Walls, hallways, doors, and windows are at risk when you have a weak foundation. It can even render a home uninhabitable.

The foundation exists to bear and distribute the weight of the house. So while it’s normal for a home to “settle” over time, the foundation is what keeps it from sinking into the earth. That might seem like a strange or funny mental image, but it really can happen as a foundation loses strength.

The signs of foundation issues start off subtle and don’t always disclose how severe the problem is.

You might notice that window casing has cracked or warped, doors will not close flush, or that you have zigzag pattern cracks emanating out from windows, doors, or across hallways. Gradually, a slope in the floor will get more recognizable as the home begins to tilt in a given direction.

Many times, foundation damage begins because of heavy weather. Rainwater does not run off the roof correctly because of the roof slope or damage to the gutters. Instead of flowing safely away, it seeps directly into the foot of the structure. This starts the process of water damage.

Water damage can spread swiftly and silently. It can also go undetected for long periods of time, just as it might with other parts of the home. Whatever the case, foundation repair is essential. Once the need arises, your woes will only get worse until a foundation repair service in Houston takes action.

Foundation Repair Is Crucial to Protecting Your Property Investment

Sometimes, homeowners don’t find out about their foundation damage until they are already trying to sell the home. They might discover it as a result of the home inspection paid for by a prospective buyer. Almost no mortgage lender will finance a home unless it has undergone an inspection.

Because foundation damage can develop into a serious safety issue, most lenders will pull out once they know about it. However, the concerns don’t stop with the foundation damage itself, but the knock-on effects and all the dilemmas the home becomes more vulnerable to.

In the worst-case scenario, foundation repair can cause the roof to cave in!

With all this in mind, you won’t get far on your goals to sell or rent out a home unless you have your foundation repair project scheduled. Depending on the seriousness of the issue, it may be necessary for residents to stay away during some work, so this can be highly disruptive.

That said, it is the best way to defend your home from ending up as a liability rather than an asset.

Even if you are passing a home down within the family, it’s still a wise idea to be sure that you get a professional foundation inspection beforehand. While no one can stop you from transferring ownership, foundation repair today may save your heirs thousands of dollars tomorrow.

The sooner you get started, the better off you will be!

With that in mind, don’t choose a foundation repair company in Houston that will keep you waiting. Expect a same-day response and an immediately scheduled estimate for the fastest turnaround possible. Sometimes, only a matter of days stands between you and a foundation collapse!

Get the Facts on Houston Foundation Repair from Top Experts

Depending on the situation, foundation repair in Houston could involve house lifting, house leveling, and a wide variety of other services. An experienced foundation repair team has the right partnerships in place to finance up to 100% of your foundation repair work.

Another big piece of protecting what’s yours is making sure the job gets done right the first time. So, while you shouldn’t be expected to know much about foundation repair, always look for a brand that stands by its work with a full lifetime foundation warranty.

A lifetime warranty is a big sign that a company is serious about quality. If selling or deeding the home is in the future, be sure to ask whether you can transfer the warranty to the next owners.

It can be intimidating to know or even suspect you have foundation problems. But, once you know what to expect, the situation will seem a lot more manageable. Houston’s #1 name in foundation repair is here to help. Contact us at Allied Foundation to find out more or get started.

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