Signs Your Main Sewer Line Needs to be Replaced

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There is nothing more frustrating than having a faulty sewer line. The frustration comes with knowing that regular DIY plumbing tips would not resolve the problem and that you have to brace yourself for the inevitable expenses that comes with hiring a professional plumber. But have you ever thought of the signs to look out for that would suggest your sewer line may need replacement? This article provides you with five telltale signs that indicate you may have major sewer line issues.


#1: Slow To Drain

In every home, you have a main water line which supplies water to the home and a sewer line that gets rid of waste to the septic tank or soakaway outside. Now if your main water line has issues, you may notice that the water wouldn’t come out with as much pressure as it should, say in your shower.

However, with the sewer line waste tends to drain at a slower than usual pace. If you try unclogging the drains using a plunger for example and yet the pace of the waste draining is still slow, then you may have a major blockage further down your sewer line. Do not attempt to rectify the problem yourself unless you are a qualified plumber.

#2: Mold Growth

Mold growth on the walls of your home is another telltale sign that you could have some major sewer line problem. If you notice trails of watermarks (no pun intended) on your walls or ceiling, there could be a seepage somewhere, do not hesitate to call for professional help. Mold thrives in a moist environment and spread pretty quickly. Worse still they are harmful to your health, so take them seriously when seen.

#3: An Awful Sulfuric Smell

Do not worry there is no malevolent spirit in your home. Feces smell like sulfur so if you notice this smell often in your home, it may be emanating from the sewer line. It could mean that there is a crack somewhere in the sewer line as your septic tank outside is designed to be airtight. If there is any crack in the sewage system, the foul smell of waste would find its way through the drains and into your home. No need to call an exorcist for this one, only a company that has experience in repairing a sewer line.

#4: Toilet Bubbles

Whenever you flush your toilet after use and you notice that rather than the waste flowing down the drain, it kind of bubbles back up. If you experience this phenomenon, you could have a major problem on your hands. Your sewer line could be blocked by something as trivial as an accumulation of toilet paper forming paper marsh in your waste pipe.

#5: Critter Attack

One last sign to watch out for whenever you experience a crisis with your sewer line is the presence of critters in your home. These include insects such as cockroaches, ants, scorpions, and flies. They also include rats, snails, worms, reptiles like lizards and even snakes. If you encounter such critters and you are sure your home is airtight, they could be coming through your sewer line. It is possible that there is a crack somewhere that is large enough for critters to come through.

There are other signs that you could consider like water puddles outside your home out in the yard. Whichever of the signs you notice, you should try to get a professional to assess the situation and give you a cost estimate for repair. If you are lucky the plumbing work involved would not require a total overhaul of the sewer line.

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