Signs Your Main Sewer Line Needs to be Replaced

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There is nothing more frustrating than having a faulty sewer line. The frustration comes with knowing that regular DIY plumbing tips would not resolve the problem and that you have to brace yourself for the inevitable expenses that come with hiring a professional plumber. But have you ever thought of the signs to look out for that would suggest your sewer line may need replacement? This article provides you with five telltale signs that indicate you may have major sewer line issues.

Sign #1: Slow Drains In Your Home

In your home, you have a water supply line that supplies water to the home and a sewer line that carries wastewater to the septic tank or main sewer line. If your water supply line has issues, you may notice that the water doesn’t come out with as much pressure as it shouldfor example, whenever you use the shower or any of your sinks, the pressure appears to be weak. If there’s low water pressure in only one faucet and the others are unaffected, the problem could be caused by debris or mineral buildup in the aerator or a leaky faucet supply line.

However, the sewer line may also drain at a slower than usual pace. If you try unclogging the line using a clogging removal product, and the sewer line is still draining slowly or not at all, then you may have a major blockage further down the line. In that case, you shouldn’t attempt to rectify the problem yourself unless you are a qualified plumber. While it’s technically possible to clear out sewer line clogs yourself, if the clog has been caused by a broken pipe due to tree roots or other issues, trying to fix the problem yourself could cause additional damage that would only make things worse. Getting a professional to examine your sewer system will ensure the real problem is identified and addressed correctly. 

Sign #2: High Humidity, Water Stains, and/or Mold Growth in Houston

High humidity, water stains, and/or mold growth in your crawl space or on the walls of your Houston home are a few telltale signs that you could have some major sewer line problems. If you notice any other signs of water damage in your home, such as discoloration, peeling paint/wallpaper, softened drywall, and/or warped flooring/drywall, there could be a seepage somewhere in or underneath your house. In that case, it’s important to call in a professional plumber as soon as possible. Since mold thrives in a moist environment and can spread pretty quickly, fixing water leaks sooner rather than later could help prevent mold from invading other areas of your home.

Sign #3: Smelly Drains in Your Houston Home

A foul smell coming from any of the drains in your home or on your property is another sign of a clogged sewer line or another problem with your sewer system. A strong sulfur (rotten eggs) odor around your property could also mean there is a crack somewhere in the sewer line or septic tank. If any cracks are present in the sewer system, the foul smell of waste will eventually find its way through the drains and into your home.

Sign #4: Gurgling Sounds from Drains and Toilets

If you hear a strange gurgling sound after you flush the toilet or use the shower or one of your sinks, the sewer line may be partially or totally blocked. Bubbling in your toilet, shower, or sinks is another sign that may suggest a total blockage somewhere down the sewer system. Strange noises and/or bubbles coming from drains are some clear indicators that the wastewater no longer flows down the line freely. Instead, the clog blocking the pipe creates negative pressure inside the sewer system, which pushes the waste back up, causing strange sounds and bubbles. 

#5: Pest Infestations in Your Houston Home

One last sign to watch out for whenever you experience a crisis with your sewer line is the presence of different pests in or around your home. These include cockroaches, ants, scorpions, flies, snails, rats, lizards, and even snakes. If you encounter such pests in your home, and you’re sure your home is airtight, they could be coming through the sewer line. It is possible that there is a crack somewhere that is large enough for pests to come through.

When it comes to identifying the signs your sewer line might need replacing, standing water around your property is another important indicator you should consider. Whichever of the signs you notice, you should have a sewer system inspection done by a professional who can accurately assess the situation and give you a cost estimate for any repairs required. If you are lucky, the repair will not require a total overhaul of the sewer line. For sewer line-related questions or information about any of the other services we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact our team!

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