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a hand is sprinkling water on a fire hydrant
Watering Your Foundation - How to Prevent Costly Repairs
Do you know that if your foundation gets too dry it can damage it? It’s exceedingly important to know...
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a row of houses with windows and shutters
Townhome Foundation Repair: Top Things to Consider
Townhomes in Houston are subject to foundation issues, just like other homes in the greater Houston area.
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a window with rain drops on the glass
Why Do My Doors and Windows Stick?
Your windows and doors sticking could mean minor issues that can be easily fixed, or it could be a warning...
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some very old pipes that are in the dirt
Lead Pipes Are Gone, But Should You Still Worry?
Worried about issues arising from lead pipes? This is a concern that some do not stop to think about....
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a bulldozer digging through dirt with the words land grade and how drinking issues hurt your home foundation
Land Grading and How Draining Issues Hurt Your Home’s Foundation
When building or adding onto a home, it is imperative that the land under and around your foundation...
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a metal grate sitting on top of a sidewalk
Know Your Drainage Systems for Your Houston Home
Having the proper drainage system could help save your Houston home from future foundation problems.
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a man with a machine is digging in the dirt
Concrete Pier Spacing Requirements for Foundation Repairs
Understanding how concrete pier spacing requirements for foundation repairs work is not as easy as one...
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a crack in the side of a wall
Soil Subsidence: What It Is and How It Can Affect Your Foundation
Soil subsidence represents a process through which the soil sinks gradually underneath a home, pulling...
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a field with water and grass in it
Getting Rid of Standing Water Around Your Home
Having proper ways to drain standing water from your property is crucial. Not only does a drainage system...
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