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a brick house surrounded by trees and bushes
Top Benefits of Root Barrier Systems
Whether you choose to plant trees, shrubs, flowering plants, or ornamental grasses, installing root barrier...
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the word sever written in metal on a brick wall
How to Clean Up Sewer Water
Not only do sewer overflows lead to unpleasant odor problems, but they can also cause property damage...
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a plant sprouting out of the cracked earth
Protecting Your Home during a Texas Drought
The good news is that serious foundation problems caused by drought could be relatively easy to avoid...
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two men working on a house under construction
Save Your Houston Home  Elevate to Safe Levels
Having your historic home elevated out of harm's way and preventing a flood from damaging your home can...
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a room that is being remodeled with wood flooring
Before You Remodel Your Home – Check the Foundation
While remodeling your home before repairing your foundation is possible, specialists advise against this.
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a crack in the floor shows that it is broken
Foundation Repair from the Inside – What to Expect
Sometimes, however, a foundation requires additional support, especially if it’s sinking in the middle.
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a white house with brown shutters and a gate
Winter Tips for Your Houston Home
Even if you have already prepared your home for the chilly weather, here are a few simple maintenance...
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the front door of a house with a glass paneled entry
Cracks in Stucco – Good or Bad
There are two more less-common causes of cracks in stucco: the normal settling of the home and differential...
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a man kneeling down next to a green plant
Are You Harming Your Foundation
To avoid any structural issues that could ruin your home and cost you a small fortune to fix, here are...
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