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a man wearing a hard hat and safety gear
What You Should Know about Pier and Beam Foundation Repairs
Currently, there are two types of foundations prevalent in Houston and surrounding areas: slab-on-grade...
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the ground is cracked and has little grass growing on it
Dry Weather Can Cause Issues for Your Foundation
Excess water isn’t the only factor that can cause foundation issues. Dry weather can also lead to a variety...
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a large white house with lots of windows
Foundation Repair Problems in Houston TX
When it comes to Houston homes, foundation repair problems can lead to major structural damage just like...
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a large house with two garages and trees
Could Lifting Your Home Save You Money?
Lifting your Houston home above the minimum BFE can help you save a lot of money on insurance as well...
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a house with a swimming pool in front of it
Can Your Pool Cause Foundation Issues?
An example is the gradual water damage due to a leak in an outdoor or indoor swimming pool or hot tub...
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a white wall with some paint on it
Is It Bad Drywall or Something Worse? - Foundation Issues
If you’ve recently noticed cracks in your drywall, you probably ask yourself whether they’re dangerous...
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a sprinkler spraying water on a green field
Why is Foundation Irrigation Important?
Houston can experience long periods of time without rain. You need to act accordingly for the health...
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Is Your Home Hurricane Ready?
Although the hurricane season is fast approaching, it’s not too late to prepare your home before a big...
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Keeping Your Foundation in Mind When Landscaping
In a nutshell, proper landscaping can help you prevent foundation damage and extend the lifespan of your...
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