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The choice of a foundation repair company in Houston is always an important one. You want to be sure you are getting the right skills and support at the right price. An inexperienced crew can put your foundation in danger by failing to correct the problem the first time.

The longer it takes to solve your issue, the more your foundation repair costs. Even when you do the right thing by calling an expert as quickly as possible, that brand needs to be able to justify your trust. You have plenty of options, so we want to help you make the best decision.

Allied Foundation Specialists is a family-owned business that has been around since 1982. No matter if you decide to use our services or go with someone else, we’re here to ensure you have the facts on your side. With that in mind, we’d like to say a few words about what sets our team apart.

A Full Suite of Foundation Repair Interventions Under One Roof

Foundation repair isn’t just one single concept. It actually consists of many different operations that may or may not be necessary in your case. House leveling, root barrier systems, sewer line repair, house lifting, and more may all be necessary. It depends on your situation and the extent of foundation damage.

All too many Houston foundation repair companies specialize in only one or two things, leaving you out of luck if your case is complicated in any way. It’s as if you had to go to one dentist for an x-ray, another for a cleaning, and still a third to take care of a cavity!

At Allied Foundation Specialists, we make it easy for you by handling everything.

Not only can we deliver any type of foundation repair you might need, but we exclusively use a skilled in-house professional team. That means you are never left waiting for third-party subcontractors who might or might not show up to the job on time.

Everyone who interacts with your foundation adheres to our high-quality standards.

And that’s the way it should be!

Fast Foundation Repair Means Fewer Complications for You

It takes plenty of experience to do a job like foundation repair for your home both quickly and satisfactorily.

But when it comes to foundation repair, time is of the essence. Waiting even a few weeks can mean things get much more difficult. In part, that’s because foundation damage can progress for months or even years before a homeowner becomes aware of it. As a result, time is nearly up by the time you look for help.

We know you want your foundation repair handled quickly, easily, and at a price, you can feel good about. That’s why it’s so vital that once you call us, we get the job done fast. In fact, we are among the only Houston foundation repair companies that can do most jobs within 24 hours.

We’ve Won Awards and Recognition from Top Industry Sources

Ask anyone – from leading names in the foundation repair business to your friends and neighbors – and you are sure to hear stories about how our team has provided excellent work and stood by it.

With nearly 300 Google reviews and counting, we average 4.6 stars, making us the highest-rated business of our kind in the area. We also have a 4.5 on Facebook and a 4.8 on HomeAdvisor. In addition, we’ve been honored with Awards of Excellence from Angie’s List and have an “A+” rating and 4.95 review score from the Better Business Bureau. We’ve been accredited with the BBB for 39 years – since the very beginning.

A Low-Pressure Experience from Start to Finish

Yes, time is precious when it comes to your foundation, but we will never pressure you into taking action before you’re ready. Instead, we focus on diagnosing the problem and laying out the facts in our initial on-site visit, That includes what’s wrong, how it happened, and what your options are.

You receive price estimates and other information in writing so you can review all of the details before you agree to anything. And if you are in a hurry and want to get things done fast, that option is always there. You will never need to pay a premium to get on our schedule ASAP.

Since foundation repair comes as an unexpected investment for so many people, we want to simplify the process. We offer foundation repair financing up to 100% through three finance companies. You no longer need to wait, save up, or put your repairs on a credit card. Instead, you can fit the work you need into your household budget.

No matter what condition your foundation is in, you don’t have to go at it alone. Contact us to find out more or get started with your repairs today. We look forward to helping you.

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