Watering Your Foundation – How to Prevent Costly Repairs

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Do you know that if your foundation gets too dry, it can get damaged? To prevent foundation damage, it’s important to know what to do when extreme weather conditions affect the soil around the foundation of your home. As well you should be aware of what actions could help you counteract foundation damage. Knowing the type of soil on your property will help you a lot, as some types hold more moisture than others. This will affect their compaction characteristics. For example, sandy soils do not generally hold the humidity as well as clay soils. On the other hand, even though clay holds moisture better, it can be significantly affected when a drought happens.

Preventing Foundation Moisture Issues
We are going to go over some measures that you can take to defend your foundation against having too dry of a base.

Inspect Your Foundation Often
The first thing that you need to do is examine the perimeter of your foundation for any damage. If you do notice any destruction on the outside or inside, you need to have it repaired as soon as possible.

When checking out the foundation, you need to look at the soil that is up against it. If it is drawn away from the base, then you are experiencing moisture problems that will need to be addressed as quickly as possible. You can also check the soil conditions by going down about half a foot into the soil. This will tell you how extensive your issue is, and tell you how much it will need to be watered.

If you make sure to follow these steps whenever your area experiences a dry spell, you should be able to discover any problems before they get too severe.

Putting a Water System in Place
There are different ways that you can address foundation irrigation, as there are soaker hoses or regular sprinkler systems that can be put in place so that you can provide water as needed. You can also go as far as adding a timer so that you know just how long the area is receiving water. If you cannot or do not want to do this, you can water it by hand, but this can take up a lot of your time.

The best mode of getting water to where it is needed is to have a dedicated drip line or soaker hose. If you choose to place a drip or soaker line, it should be set twelve to eighteen inches from the foundation. If the East and West sides of your residence are not shaded, then you will also need to water these zones a bit more, due to increased sun exposure during the day.

When you need to water your foundation depends on the amount of rain that your area has gotten. If you need to know the exact length of time, you can contact a foundation or landscape professional in the Houston area.

As a general rule, if it is parched, you should run the water for about two hours every other day. But it is advisable to check with a specialist in your area. Make sure that you are following any watering restrictions in your region so that you will not incur any fines.

Giving Plants and Trees Their Proper Space
Plants and trees can be beautiful to look at, but they can mean trouble for your foundation. The risk depends on the kind of plant or tree you have and its proximity to the base of your home. Trees should not be too close to your home, as the roots can stretch out wide and will pull moisture out of the soil for it to survive. When the dampness is being removed from the ground by trees or plants, it dries the soil that your foundation needs to remain in position.

Putting in a Moisture Barrier
You can put in a barrier of mulch or plants that do not need much water. When you water this barrier, the mulch will hold the moisture longer and keep the sun from evaporating all the water. This is one of the quickest and easiest methods to prevent foundation damage.

By following the steps listed above, you will be able to avoid foundation issues and costly repairs. If you are not sure about evaluating the foundation of your home, you can contact our experienced foundation repair professionals! They will be happy to do it for you.

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