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Have you noticed cracks in your brick or mortar? Do you have cracks in the interior walls of your home? Are you unable to close your doors, or do they stick when you try to open or close them?

These problems may mean you need a foundation repair company to do an evaluation of your home’s foundation. Allied Foundation will send one of our foundation repair experts to your home for a free estimate. Every home has normal settling, but extreme settling is not good. Our experts will be able to determine if your Houston home is just settling or if there is an issue that needs immediate repair.

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Foundation Repair

House Lifting

House Leveling

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Sewer Line Replacement

PEX Re-Piping

Root Barrier

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Foundation Repair

Foundation repair can eventually be necessary for a homeowner in the Houston area due to our extreme climate changes. Seasonal drying or drought-like conditions causes the soil around your home to shrink. Excessive rain can make it swell. The shifting and moving of the ground below will stress the foundation and eventually crack the slab. Trust the company that has repaired over 75,000 homes in the Houston area to repair your foundation!

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House Lifting

House Lifting or Home Elevation is when the entire structure of a home is vertically lifted above or beyond the base flood elevation. The house or dwelling that is being lifted will then be protected from future flood damage.

House Leveling

Is your house a Pier and Beam or Block and Base home? These homes tend to settle and crack. If you see cracks in your walls, bricks separating, or experience difficulty shutting your windows or doors, you may need to have your home leveled.
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Sewer Line Replacement

Thousands of homes in the Houston area that are over 45 years old have cast iron sewer lines running under their foundations. Over the years, these pipes corrode, deteriorate, crack, and begin to leak, which allows water to flow freely under the slab. 

PEX Re-Piping

Pipe failure can cause damage to floors, walls, and even foundations. Replacing all the pipes in your home may seem like a big task, but if they fail you will need to replace them anyway. On top of that, you will have to replace anything that sustained water damage. When you find you need to upgrade or replace your home’s piping, PEX is a great choice.

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Root Barrier

With a BioBarrier System, you can stop tree roots from destroying your property. BioBarrier is a total root control product that will protect your property from damage that is caused by the expansion and growth of tree roots.

Landscape Drainage

Having proper ways to drain water from your home is vital to protecting your home’s foundation. Not only does a drainage system keep water away from a foundation, but it also prevents damage by intercepting excess water and helping control the water content surrounding your home.

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We offer financing options for big projects.
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What Is Foundation Repair

We have served the Greater Houston area since 1982 and are rated one of the best foundation repair companies in the Greater Houston area. We offer exceptional service and attention to detail. Family-owned and operated, our company provides experienced crews with quality control inspectors to supervise the work. Most of our jobs are completed in one to two days. There is no waiting and a fast turnaround. We have an A+ rating with the BBB and 5-star reviews in the industry.
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The Home Elevation Process

Homes in Houston and the surrounding area could be prone to floods. Having your home lifted above the BFE (Base Flood Elevation) can seem like a daunting task. To understand the process of having your home lifted out of the way of potentially damaging flood waters, we have created a quick overview of the process.

What Our Clients Have to Say

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How can lifting your home prevent flood damage?

Houston is prone to flooding caused by heavy rains and hurricanes. Lifting your home out of flood danger can protect you, your family, and your property. Learn more about it in this free guide!