What Is Involved in a Foundation Inspection? [And How To Get One Free]

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It is not always easy to know what to expect of the unknown – and for most, the unknown is foundation problems! There are a lot of causes to foundation issues, and there are a lot of ways to resolve them, but the first step is always going to be a foundation inspection. This can be an unknown in and of itself, so Allied Foundation has put together a guide on what a home foundation inspection involves, and how to get one for free!

The Foundation Inspection Process

There is a relatively standard process for doing home foundation inspections! The point of them is to determine if there are any cracks, damaged walls, and floors, or other signs of trouble. Generally, foundation problems can cause a home to become unstable, or prone to sinking and cracking. Generally, the first step in the inspection process will be to just have a conversation about what you are experiencing in your home. Are there doors that stick? Do the floors slant? After getting an idea of what might be the problem, a contractor will evaluate the exterior of your home.

Slab foundation investigation involves a walk around the home and looking for cracks in the slab, or in brick veneer or fascia boards. Pier and beam foundations are examined by entering the crawlspace under your home and carefully examining it for any lingering wetness, or any signs of a musty smell. They will also look into the condition of your piers, beams, and joists. If these are wet, or rotten, that can indicate that there is a foundational problem that needs to be addressed. 

In either case, the contractor will then walk around the interior of your home. During this time, they will be looking for any cracks that are visible on the floors, walls, or ceiling. Then, they will take measurements to determine how level your foundation is. These measurements can detect any measurements that are off between 1 to 6 inches! After this process is entirely completed, your contractor will speak with you about your foundational inspection and recommend what the next steps should be. Normally, this involves determining where the piers will need to be installed – or not installed! Sometimes, foundation inspections come back with no problems and inform you that the cracks are purely cosmetic. 

The Costs of a Foundation Inspection

Most of the time – none! For the inspection, at least. Normally, this does hinge on whether or not you are the property owner requesting the inspection. If you are not the property owner, *fees are normally between $150 to $200 dollars. It is important to call beforehand and get a good idea of what the cost might be for your specific property so there are no surprises.

Getting a Free Estimate

Getting a free estimate is something that you should not wait for! Allied Foundation employs professionals who excel in foundational repairs and home inspections, and we can be contacted at any time. Generally, it is recommended to be present for your foundational repair estimate to answer any questions that may come up, including questions about any past plumbing or drainage problems to better narrow down potential issues. If further investigation is needed, then a structural engineer will be suggested to you.

Without the mystery surrounding it, foundation issues can be a lot less scary – and now, so can the foundation repair process! It is good to know what you should expect to get out of an inspection, and it is even better to know that you can, most of the time, get a free foundation inspection as well as a free estimate! Do not hesitate – call Allied Foundation today to get more information and schedule your foundation inspection today. 

We would like to note that Allied Foundation does not charge for our estimates. Our estimates are coordinated with the owner of the home and are free of charge. It is our mission to provide honest feedback to ensure our fellow Houstonian’s homes are safe and secure. 

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