What is Covered by a Foundation Repair Lifetime Warranty

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There are two different types of lifetime warranties when it comes to the foundations of homes. First, there is a limited lifetime warranty which really covers less than what customers think. This kind of warranty often requires the customer to pay for the cost of the adjustment after only one or five years.

Foundation Repair Lifetime Warranty on Repairs

It is important to know the difference between foundation repair and the foundation as a whole. When you have work done on your home, the warranty only covers the work that was done, not the entire foundation. For example, if you needed a few piers placed on one side of your house to level it out, then those will be included in your warranty. However, if you decided to add additional support on the other side of the house, those piers would not be covered under your warranty. They would be considered additional work, not a repair. In some states, a lifetime warranty usually lasts between 7-11 years. It is always best to check with your foundation repair company about how their warranty works and how much is covered.

What’s Included

Depending on what repair company you go with, depends on what is included in your lifetime warranty. Most repair companies only cover the specific area of the house that was serviced by the repair company. For example, the piers that were installed are covered by their warranty, including the materials and labor done. Unfortunately, not all repair companies offer the same guarantee and some don’t guarantee anything at all. It is very important to ask any and all questions when trying to find a foundation repair company for your Houston home.

What is NOT included

The areas that were not serviced by a foundation repair company, do not fall under a lifetime warranty. Any repair that needs to be done to your foundation that hasn’t already been repaired will not be covered under any warranty.

Understand the Terms of the Lifetime Warranty

Some repair companies may require a few additional inspections before they can guarantee your warranty. Lifetime warranties on your foundation repairs to your Houston home will give you extra security and help you sleep better at night. Over time, there may be uncontrollable things that happen that could void your lifetime warranty on foundation repairs. A few possibilities are:

  • Major structural alterations and additions to your home. This includes swimming pools.
  • Major plumbing leaks
  • Natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, and earthquakes.
  • Poor maintenance. Your foundation repair company should talk with you and offer guidance on the best way to keep your foundation sturdy.
  • Non-payment of completed foundation repairs.

Read The Small Print

If you are a homeowner in the Houston area, you will eventually at some point need some kind of foundation repair. Most companies offer a lifetime warranty but what exactly does that mean and how much is actually covered in it? Here are a few things to help you understand more about the warranty you have on your home. Choose a foundation repair company that has a long history as well as a reliable reputation and great customer reviews. 

A key item to look for is if the lifetime warranty is transferable. Many of us buy a home but rarely stay in that home forever. Find out if your lifetime warranty is transferable. This is not a major benefit for now, but it is a nice selling point if you find yourself in the need to sell your home. 

It may be possible to have multiple repairs done to your foundation more than once. It is important to know that foundation repair warranties have terms and conditions. To avoid complications, take good care of your home’s foundation and call  Allied Foundation for questions about our lifetime transferable repair warranty.

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