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a clock on the side of a brick building
The Warning Signs of Foundation Distress
The top ways to tell if your foundation is in need of repair.
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an old brick wall with cracks in it
What Causes Foundation Cracks in Houston Homes?
Learn that could be causing foundation cracks in your Houston home, along with the best way to fix these.
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a row of houses in the rain on a cloudy day
How to Protect Your Home from the Rain
Protecting your home from torrential Houston rains can be done in many ways depending on your location....
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three hard hats are lined up on a wall
Can a French Drain Save My Foundation?
We will use this post to focus on two other important aspects; namely, why and when a French drain should...
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two men in hard hats and safety gear are working on a pipe
Why Concrete Piers Are Better than Steel Piers
Pier and beam foundations are most appropriate for the homes located in areas that have expansive clay...
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a construction site with a yellow hard hat on the wall
What Is the Clay Bowl Effect
When a home is being built, the soil is excavated to make room for the foundation. This creates an empty...
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a man in blue shirt and yellow gloves holding a pipe
The Allied Foundation Difference - Why Us
Living in Houston and the surrounding areas means you will have to have the foundation of your home repaird...
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a house with two people sitting on the front porch
Expansive Soil – What It Means to a Sugar Land Homeowner
Expansive soil contains specific types of minerals called smectites, which are capable of absorbing a...
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a fire hydrant sitting on the side of a wall
Bowing walls – Should I be Concerned?
Read further to determine if bowing walls are something you should be worried about when it comes to...
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