Preventing Issues: Choosing the Right New Home Builders

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Sometimes the only way to get the exact home that you want is to design it yourself! While this can be a wonderful and exciting time, it can also be stressful. There are many factors that determine how a home build is going to go, and whether or not, in the end, you will have your perfect dream home. One of these factors is the builder! With the right builder, new home construction can be a wonderful experience that ends in your dream home right in front of you. In order to prevent issues and limit the amount of headache that could come your way, we at Allied have put together this guide on choosing the right new home builder to fit your needs. 

What To Look For

There are many things that can be looked at in order to find your perfect builder, but there are a few key elements that can show you exactly what kind of builder you’re looking at, and whether or not they are the perfect fit for you!

Past Customer Satisfaction

A fantastic way to determine whether or not a builder will fit your needs is to speak to past buyers! They are one of the best references possible, and by asking them a few simple questions you can get a well-rounded idea of the builder. Ask whether or not they would buy another home from the builder, or if they would recommend the builder to the family. If they would, that’s a fantastic indication that the builder does very well. 

Design Fit

Sometimes a builder can be perfect, but they do not design homes like the one you want to build. This is very critical! Even if a builder seems perfect in every other way, if they have little to no experience with the design styles and architecture that you are seeking, the house could end up being very disappointing. 

Home Tours

Take home tours! Many choose to tour model homes that are open for walk-throughs, but by speaking to past buyers it may even be possible to talk a walk through one of their homes, by appointment. Seeing the workmanship firsthand allows for a better idea of what you could be looking at with your future home, and could determine whether the builder is right for you.


When taking these home tours, look at the minute details. Is there clear craftsmanship in the home? Is the construction durable? Is it clear that time and effort was put into this home in order to make it perfect? Were buyer instructions closely listened to? If any of the answers to these questions are no, look elsewhere!

Resale Value

While it may seem silly to look for resale value in your dream home, it is often hard to tell where life will take you. Looking for builders whose homes have maintained or even increased their value over time will ensure that if the home needs to be sold, it will have been well worth the money and return investment back to your pocket!

What To Ask About

As many things as there are to look for, it is also important to ask questions! There are a few key inquiries that should be made before a builder is chosen for your perfect home build. 


Depending on where you live, there may be different licensing requirements. Make sure to look into what the requirements are for your area, and make sure that your builder is following them. Along with licensing, take a moment to ask about the insurance the builder has, and what insurance the contractors have so that you know you are covered during the build!


Warranties are important! In a new home, with new equipment, almost everything will be under warranty. Make sure that you know what has a warranty, and try to determine how good a builder is with warranty services. Also, look for structural warranties and determine whether or not your home will have one! Often, these can last up to ten years and can transfer to a new owner if you happened to sell. 


While the Home Builder Association’s involvement is not a be-all-end-all, a builder that is involved in their local HBA shows a dedication to the industry and a long-term commitment to the area. Not only that, but builders in a local HBA are often also involved with local product suppliers and trade contractors.


Experience is key! While everyone starts somewhere, it is often better to have an experienced veteran builder rather than one working on their first home. Even if the building firm may be new, it does not mean that the builders working there are new, so ask questions about their past experience!

With these points in mind, it should be a breeze to find the right new home builder for you! Every home build is different, and every person will need someone different. With a little bit of research, it will be possible to grant yourself peace of mind and reassurance that your home will turn out exactly how you want it to, and the process will be as simple and painless as possible. For any other questions or homeowner tips and tricks, take a look at our blog and let Allied help you.

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