Sewer Line Inspection & Repair: Everything You Need to Know

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Sewer inspections and repairs can seem like a difficult task – but it is actually far easier now than it used to be, at least for the professionals. With technology advancing so quickly, there have been many developments made that allow for problems to be inspected without first needing to dig! There have even been so many developments that some sewer line repairs can be done without having to dig, as well! Though this may seem impossible, we are going to outline the ins and out of a sewer line inspection and repair so that you can have all of the answers and be fully prepared when you request someone to come inspect your sewer lines!

Sewer Line Inspection

Inspecting sewers used to be a difficult process, but now it is far easier! Back in the day, to even identify where a problem with a sewer line maybe, all sections of the sewer would have to be dug up in order to determine what parts of it were in trouble. Now, with technology, a camera can be placed into the pipe, and problems can be found that way! With the camera, it is easier to get a clear picture of what is going on before a repair plan is put into motion. Determining the severity and assessing the damage can make the repair process easier when a repairman knows ahead of time if there are any cracks due to root intrusion, materials breaking down the pipes, or if it is simply a clog. The camera way of finding problems is a wonderful tool for those who want to see what is happening before they even call a repairman. More than that, being able to see the problem ensures that there will not be any kinds of overcharging by a repairman who used to be able to say that the problem is worse than it is. After a repair, the camera can even be a great tool to ensure that the repair went smoothly and that all repairs were done correctly. 

Repair Sewer Line

Since there is far less digging involved, a sewer repair is much less of a strain on homeowners, and the repairmen! The large, yard-wide excavations are a thing of the past since technology has allowed for advancements that make all of these repairs done underground. One of the most popular ways of fixing a pipe is by repairing it by relining the pipe itself. The way this works is by fully cleaning a pipe with something such as a high-pressure hydro jet and then inserting in a new pipe that lines against the old one. When the new pipe hardens, it will prevent the sewer from leaking. Its tough resin material also means that there is a lower chance of tree roots forcing their way into the pipes, meaning that you probably won’t have to do repairs again. If there are only a few cracks in the pipe, it is possible to just use resin injections. While this does involve some digging, it only uncovers the cracked areas. The resin is then injected into the cracks, allowed to harden, and then recovered. Pipe bursting is the final way of doing a sewer repair without a trench. That is right – you can replace a pipe without needing to dig. The old, damaged pipe is forced out of the way. A new pipe is then pushed into its place. The way that the pipe is removed allows for the new pipe to easily be slid in, and there is so much space that an even larger pipe can be added in its place, which improves flow capacity! New pipes are normally made of PVC, making them far more durable than old clay materials. 

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