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a large house surrounded by trees and bushes
How to Keep Tree Roots from Destroying Your Property
When tree roots come up to the soil surface, they can damage the landscape and different structures around...
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several different colored pipes in a room
The Advantages of PEX Plumbing
PEX plumbing has several advantages over metal piping (copper) and plastic pipe systems.
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a man is digging dirt in front of a house
What is Covered by a Foundation Repair Lifetime Warranty
There are two different types of lifetime warranties when it comes to foundations of homes. First there...
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a red heating mat on the ground with wires attached to it
Increasing Energy Efficiency with PEX Pipes
Replacing your old worn out pipes with PEX pipes offer new ways to save energy and money.
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a living room filled with furniture and a lamp
How to Protect Your Houston Home From Flooding
Living near the coast can cause some house problems when it comes to flooding, but there is something...
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three red and blue baseball bats lined up against a wooden wall
Is PEX Piping Environmentally Friendly?
The amount of damage that can be done to your floors, walls, and foundations by a busted pipe can be...
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a close up of a brick wall with blue paint
Cost to Fix a Foundation in 2020
The process of having to fix your foundation can be scary and cost a lot of money.
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a green tree on top of a dirt hill
Root Barriers: How they Work, and How We Install Them
A BioBarrier System should be installed if you are worried about your tree roots expanding and damaging...
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a fire hydrant spewing water onto the ground
PEX or Copper? Which is More Sustainable?
The two most popular materials that are used to repipe your homes and businesses are PEX and copper.
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