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What to Expect When You’re Having Your Fresh Water Lines Changed in Your Home
So you may have noticed some wet areas in your flooring. What does this mean and how much will it cost...
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three men are shoveling up dirt from the sidewalk
Expert Tips for Successful Foundation Repair
Repairing your home's foundation doesn't have to be daunting. Find out what you need to know if our...
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a concrete slab is being constructed in the middle of a yard
How Temperature Fluctuations Can Affect Your Houston Home’s Foundation
Houston is known for its hot summer months and torrential downpours. Learn how temperature fluctuations...
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a person is holding a piece of metal with the words, what to expect when your house is being
What to Expect When Your House is Being Leveled
Much of the anxiety that comes with foundation issues is because we are unaware of what is involved with...
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Should You Be Worried: What’s Normal Settling & What’s Real Foundation Issues?
It is a fact that homes will settle over the years. This is normal and nothing to worry about. However,...
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two men in hard hats and safety gear are working on a pipe
Everything You Need to Know about Foundation Tunneling
There's so much to learn about when it comes to your home's foundation. One of the techniques for fixing...
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houston's heat and your home
Houston’s Heat & Your Home
Houston foundation repair can be caused by Houston's extreme heat during the summer months.
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the corner of a wooden building with peeling paint
Are There Termites in Your Home's Foundation? Here’s What You Should Do!
Homeowners want to avoid dealing with the havoc termites can bring to their homes, especially the foundation.
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a group of pipes that are in a cave
Types of Foundation Stabilization - Which is Best for You?
What exactly is foundation stabilization? A foundation stabilization is essentially leveling your home...
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