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a brick wall with a crack in it
How Do You Maintain Your Houston Home's Foundation?
When it comes to foundations, they are absolutely crucial, and unfortunately vulnerable!
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a row of houses with cars parked in front
What Is Involved in a Foundation Inspection? [And How To Get One Free]
There are a lot of causes to foundation issues, and there are a lot of ways to resolve them, but the...
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a metal grate sitting on top of a sidewalk
3 Types of Landscape Drainage Solutions
There are a few things that you can do for backyard drainage solutions, ranging from gutter downspouts...
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a close up of a yellow object on a black surface
How to Know When Your House Needs Leveling
There are a few signs that your house could be showing which means you could have a few different leveling...
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a blue house with white trim and yellow windows
The History of Home Foundations [Through 2020]
Looking at a foundation now, it may be hard to imagine that there were different kinds of foundations...
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a city skyline with tall buildings and trees
Expanding Soil and Your Houston Home's Foundation
When thinking about what could cause foundation damage, not many stop to consider that the soil their...
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a pair of glasses sitting on top of a paper
What Should be in the Contract for Your Foundation Job?
When you hire someone for skilled labor around your home, a written contract is a must!
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a man and woman painting the side of a house
Home Maintenance: What You Should Tackle in January
A little maintenance can help you save on repair bills and other unexpected costs all year long.
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a hand writing on a blackboard with white chalk
5 Myths About Foundation Repair
Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths out there about foundation repair. Many people are not sure what...
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