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a house with palm trees and flowers in front of it
Top 10 Maintenance-Free Flowers and Plants
During the summer, many homeowners love spending time outdoors and tending to their flower beds.
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a person is cleaning leaves off the side of a house
Landscaping to Improve Your Home’s Drainage
Water pooling around your foundation can lead to various issues, including pest infestations, wood rot,...
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a man is mowing the grass with a lawnmower
Preparing Your Lawn for Houston’s Summer
Find out how you can prepare and maintain your lawn in order to prevent foundation damage during the...
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the pipes are connected to each other on the wall
Signs Your Home Needs Repiping
Repiping your home as soon as you observe the first signs of a major plumbing problem can save you money,...
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a flooded kitchen and dining room with chairs
What Home Elevation Can Do For Your Flood Risk
One way to prevent flooding is to make an investment into home elevation.
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a white house with black shutters and trees
5 Common Landscape Drainage Issues
Drainage issues can not only be annoying in their own right, they can be something that impacts your...
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a brick wall with a crack in it
How Do You Maintain Your Houston Home's Foundation?
When it comes to foundations, they are absolutely crucial, and unfortunately vulnerable!
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a row of houses with cars parked in front
What Is Involved in a Foundation Inspection? [And How To Get One Free]
There are a lot of causes to foundation issues, and there are a lot of ways to resolve them, but the...
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a metal grate sitting on top of a sidewalk
3 Types of Landscape Drainage Solutions
There are a few things that you can do for backyard drainage solutions, ranging from gutter downspouts...
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