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an unfinished room with wooden beams and walls
Crawlspace Health Check: Common Issues Affecting Pier and Beam Foundations
The crawlspace of a pier and beam home can tell the homeowner a lot about its foundation's current health.
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a hand is holding dirt in the sand
How Poor Soil Compaction Spells Trouble for Your Houston Home’s Foundation
The type of soil compaction your house is built on and the way it is compacted is extremely important....
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a man and woman painting the outside of a house
Easy Foundation Maintenance Tasks That Can Save You Money
Some foundation issues can be prevented with the right maintenance.
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a gray house with black shutters and red for sale signs
Things to Know When Buying a Home With Foundation Issues
There are certain things you need to know when buying a home with foundation issues. You need to educate...
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a house and tools on a wooden table
What Should Your Foundation Repair Budget Look Like
Having your home's foundation repaired is not something you should put off, but you also need to be prepared...
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an aerial view of a destroyed house with text overlay
Ways to Protect Your Houston Home and it’s Foundation During Natural Disasters
There are many things in this world you cannot count on, but one of them is the fact that your home will...
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a person is pouring cement into a mixer
The Importance of the Concrete Type for Foundation Repairs
When your foundation is being repaired, ensuring you have the right concrete is crucial for the job to...
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two hands holding a model house with the words how foundation issues effect the value of your home
How Foundation Issues Affect The Value of Your Home
The foundation of your home needs to be healthy to get a good price when selling your home. A bad foundation...
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a man is holding two black objects in his hands
Should You Water Your Foundation during the Winter?
Maintaining a relatively constant moisture content in the soil around the foundation of a home is one...
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