Piping materials and plumbing systems are designed to last for decades. However, all pipes will eventually wear out and require repairs or replacements. While replacing an entire plumbing system is one of the scariest projects for most homeowners, repiping your home as soon as you observe the first signs of a major plumbing problem can save you money, give you peace of mind, and even improve your overall comfort. Here are a few telltale signs that can help you determine when you should upgrade your plumbing system. 

Frequent Leaks

An unexplained increase in your water bill, warped or stained walls or floors, mold growth, musty smell, and/or rotten wood are all signs that suggest plumbing leaks. While an occasional leak can be easily repaired by a professional plumber, it might be more cost-effective to repipe your entire home if you’re dealing with frequent leaks, or if your pipes have reached the end of their service life. If you have exposed water pipes somewhere in your home, it’s important to check them for discoloration, bumps, dents, flaking paint, pinholes, and other issues that can give you some insight into the condition and structural integrity of your entire plumbing system. Old pipes that are in bad shape could start leaking when least expected. Left unaddressed, leaks could cause low water pressure, lead to mold growth, which can adversely impact your indoor air quality, and even damage your framing and foundation.

Discolored Water

Red-, yellow-, or brown-tinted water could mean that rust or sediment has built up inside your pipes. If rust-colored water isn’t a temporary problem with your local water supply and persists for more than a couple of days, it might be a sign that your pipes are rusting on the inside. If the drinking water also tastes or smells bad, it’s advisable to have it checked by a professional right away, as it could be contaminated. On the other hand, if the reddish, yellowish, or brownish tint only appears when the hot water is being used, the interior of your hot water tank may have become rusted and not your pipes.

Decreased Water Pressure

Water pressure decreasing gradually, as well as a sudden or dramatic drop in pressure, could be caused by leaky pipes or by deposits that have built up inside your water supply pipes. Overtime, mineral deposits, like calcium salts, could accumulate and clog your plumbing system. This will prevent the water from flowing at the appropriate speed through your pipes. As sediment buildup will block the water from passing through the entire pipe, it could also put additional pressure on different sections of your piping. This may cause pipes to crack and fittings to fail. Additionally, sediment buildup inside your pipes could lead to water temperature variations. The easiest way to prevent these problems is to have your water pipes inspected by a professional and install new pipes if required. 

Slow Drains That Get Clogged Frequently

Drainage systems that get clogged are a nuisance that most homeowners will experience at least once in their lifetime. On the other hand, the collapse of the main sewer line can be a real nightmare. Unlike a blocked drain pipe, which can be unclogged quite easily, a sewer pipe that has collapsed below grade is more difficult to repair or replace. Because a collapsed drain pipe is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately in order to prevent further damage to your home, here are a few signs you should keep an eye out for slow drainage; multiple plumbing fixtures getting clogged at the same time; backup of sinks and/or toilets; a gurgling sound and/or unpleasant odor coming from your plumbing fixtures; standing puddles and lawn soaked with water.

Schedule Your Home Repiping Today! 

Whether you have several leaky pipes that are wreaking havoc on your home, or you suspect that some of your pipes are rusted on the inside, or you just want to replace your old pipes with PEX repiping, we would be more than happy to send a team of skilled and experienced professionals out to your home, who will be able to recommend the most suitable repiping solutions for your property.

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