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a tree with its roots exposed in the ground
How to Prevent Tree Roots in Sewer Pipes
Tree roots can be the sewer and foundation invader you never saw coming.
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a man is using a garden hose to water plants
What a Sewer Line Inspection Can and Can't Find
If you suspect problems with your sewer line, a sewer line inspection is the best way to get to the root...
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an image of a cave with text saying sever line inspection & repair everything you need to know
Sewer Line Inspection & Repair: Everything You Need to Know
With technology advancing so quickly, there have been many developments made that allow for problems...
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a garden with rocks and plants in it
What is a French Drain?
These drains are nothing more than a gravel-lined ditch, with a pipe that is created to carry water away...
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the pipes are lined up on the wall
Should I Install PEX or Copper Piping?
When it comes to PEX versus copper piping, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to each, both...
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four different pictures with the words caring for your home by the season what to do when it rains
Caring for Your Home by the Season: What to do When
This guide will take you through the seasons and outline everything you should do to care for your Houston...
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a puddle of water with the words 5 signs your houston home has drainage issues
5 Signs your Houston Home has Drainage Issues
Drainage issues may not seem like a big deal, but they could eventually mean thousands and thousands...
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a person holding dirt in their hand with the words how to prevent my home's foundation from sinking
How To Prevent My Home's Foundation from Sinking
Every home experiences some settling over time. There are measures you can take to prevent major settling...
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a garden with steps leading up to flowers
5 Ways Your Landscaping Choices Can Harm your Foundation
Landscaping is a wonderful way to turn a home into something spectacular - but it is important to consider...
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