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a construction site with a yellow hard hat on the wall
What Is the Clay Bowl Effect
When a home is being built, the soil is excavated to make room for the foundation. This creates an empty...
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a man in blue shirt and yellow gloves holding a pipe
The Allied Foundation Difference - Why Us
Living in Houston and the surrounding areas means you will have to have the foundation of your home repaird...
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a house with two people sitting on the front porch
Expansive Soil – What It Means to a Sugar Land Homeowner
Expansive soil contains specific types of minerals called smectites, which are capable of absorbing a...
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a fire hydrant sitting on the side of a wall
Bowing walls – Should I be Concerned?
Read further to determine if bowing walls are something you should be worried about when it comes to...
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a house with a large lawn in front of it
Excessive Evaporation–Could Mean Troubles for Your Foundation and Home
How could excessive evaporation lead to issues within your home and its foundation? Read more to find...
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a man leaning against a house with his hand on the ground
Settlement or Sinking – Know the Difference
Knowing the difference between foundation settlement and sinking is critically important in order to...
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a lawn care sign sitting in the grass
Caring for Your Lawn Is Caring for Your Foundation
Understand why caring for your lawn during the wet season as well as the dry season is important to maintain...
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four men in blue shirts are shoveling the sidewalk
5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Your Foundation Repair
Maintenance is inevitable when buying a home. Some projects can be put-off, but others shouldn't example...
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a couple of tall metal poles sitting next to each other
Top Reasons Why You Leave House Lifting to the Experts
In order to understand why you should never attempt to jack up your own home, let’s take a look at what’s...
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